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You can receive your CNA certification in as little as 3 to 8 weeks.

Admissions Advisor Tip: Don't limit your options. Contact multiple schools to to compare their different offers, like financial aid packages.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Greenwood, Arkansas

About Greenwood

Greenwood, Arkansas is a charming city located in Sebastian County, known for its rich history and welcoming community. Nestled in the Arkansas River Valley, Greenwood offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. The city is home to historic landmarks such as the Old Jail Museum and the Bell Park, providing residents and visitors with a glimpse into its storied past. For more information about Greenwood, visit the official Greenwood city website.

CNA Training Programs in Greenwood, Arkansas

If you’re looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Greenwood, Arkansas, there are several excellent training programs available nearby:

  1. Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus
    • Location: Ozark, AR (Approximately 45 miles from Greenwood)
    • Program Description: Arkansas Tech University offers a comprehensive CNA training program that includes classroom instruction, laboratory skills training, and clinical practice. The program is designed to prepare students for the state certification exam.
    • Link: Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus CNA Program
  2. University of Arkansas – Fort Smith
    • Location: Fort Smith, AR (Approximately 20 miles from Greenwood)
    • Program Description: The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith provides a Nursing Assistant program that covers essential skills and knowledge required for the CNA role. The program includes both theoretical and practical components to ensure students are well-prepared for their careers.
    • Link: University of Arkansas – Fort Smith CNA Program
  3. Rich Mountain Community College
    • Location: Mena, AR (Approximately 70 miles from Greenwood)
    • Program Description: Rich Mountain Community College offers a CNA program that focuses on patient care, safety, and ethical considerations. The program includes hands-on training in a clinical setting to provide real-world experience.
    • Link: Rich Mountain Community College CNA Program

CNA Employment Opportunities in Greenwood

Greenwood, Arkansas, and its surrounding areas have several healthcare facilities and nursing homes that offer employment opportunities for CNAs:

  1. Mercy Hospital Fort Smith
    • Location: Fort Smith, AR
    • Description: Mercy Hospital Fort Smith is a leading healthcare provider in the region, offering a wide range of medical services. The hospital frequently hires CNAs to support patient care in various departments.
    • Link: Mercy Hospital Fort Smith Careers
  2. Greenwood Retirement Center
    • Location: Greenwood, AR
    • Description: Greenwood Retirement Center is a local nursing home that provides long-term care and rehabilitation services. They offer employment opportunities for CNAs to assist with daily living activities and patient care.
    • Link: Greenwood Retirement Center
  3. Ashton Place Health and Rehabilitation
    • Location: Barling, AR (Approximately 15 miles from Greenwood)
    • Description: Ashton Place Health and Rehabilitation offers comprehensive rehabilitation and nursing care services. They employ CNAs to provide quality care to their residents.
    • Link: Ashton Place Health and Rehabilitation

CNA Certification Requirements in Arkansas

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Arkansas, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a State-Approved CNA Training Program: Enroll in and complete a CNA training program approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.
  2. Pass the CNA Certification Exam: Successfully pass the Arkansas CNA certification exam, which includes both written and practical components.
  3. Submit to a Background Check: Undergo a criminal background check as part of the certification process.
  4. Register with the Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry: Once you pass the exam, you must register with the Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry to be officially recognized as a CNA.

For more detailed information, visit the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry.

Get Started Today

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Greenwood, Arkansas, is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. With a variety of training programs and employment opportunities available, there’s no better time to start your journey. Contact a school today to learn more about their CNA courses and take the first step toward your new career.

PCT · CNA · CMA – What’s the Difference?

This depends on where you live. Some PCT courses include EKG and phlebotomy training. Some Patient Care Technician programs also include HHA (Home Health Aid) certification. However, in some work environments the titles CNA and PCT are used interchangably. Some hospitals in Arkansas may be hiring Nurse Care Techs (NCT), a position which you can apply for with your CNA license.

CMA can stand for Certified Medication Aide or Certified Medical Assistant, both which perform separate but overlapping duties in the workplace.

How Much Does CNA Training Cost in Greenwood?

Nursing assistant courses at vocational colleges and allied health schools usually range between $400 and $1200. When choosing a CNA school, learn about all the associated costs required at each institution. Some schools list their program cost as all expenses included. However other schools may also require you to purchase additional materials (such as books, scrubs and materials for your clinicals) which have separate fees from the tuition costs.

CNA Refresher Courses around Greenwood usually cost around $100-$200.

Need Tuition Assistance?

While not all schools offer financial aid for students enrolled in their CNA course, some training programs may offer assistance to help with the cost of the course or certification. Also, some CNA employers will even pay for your Nurse Assistant training or reimburse you after you successfully complete your CNA training.

Some employers in Greenwood will cover a percentage of your CNA tuition; others will pay tuition costs up to a specific dollar amount. Often, new CNAs are required to work a particular number of months at the employer that covered their school bills. Or you may just need to reimburse them for any of the tuition costs they paid on your behalf.

When Can I Start CNA Training in Greenwood?

Many schools that offer CNA training have new sessions beginning every 6 to 8 weeks. In many areas in Arkansas, you can find CNA training starting in June 2024, July 2024, August 2024, or September 2024 available for registration now. Unlike nursing programs in Arkansas, you can usually find a school starting a new session of their CNA course fairly quickly. However, some schools offer CNA classes in semester format. At these schools, you may need to wait up 3 or 4 months to start your course.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in Greenwood is a great way to quickly gain experience in the medical field. Also check out Arkansas CNA Salary info.

CNA Schools Near You & Online Near Greenwood, Arkansas

PRN Medical Staffing

  • 4500 Rogers Avenue Fort Smith, AR 72903
    Programs: CNA
    (479) 785-9222

Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc.

  • 524 Garrison Avenue Fort Smith, AR 72901
    Programs: CNA

River Valley Nurse Aide Training Center

  • Highway 10 Ola, AR 72853
    Programs: CNA

PRN Medical Services, Education Division II

  • 3807 South Thompson Springdale, AR 72764
    Programs: CNA

Petra Allied Health, Inc.

  • 3889 Willowood Avenue Springdale, AR 72762
    Programs: CNA
    (479) 750-9876

Perry County CNA Training Center

  • 1115 Aplin Avenue Perryville, AR 72126
    Programs: CNA

Petra Allied Health, Inc.

  • 2212 Malvern, Suite 2 Hot Springs, AR 71901
    Programs: CNA

Petra Allied Health – Harrison

  • 702 N. Main Street, Suite 1-A Harrison, AR 72601
    Programs: CNA

Clark County Community Education

  • 3021 Twin Rivers Drive Arkadelphia, AR 71923
    Programs: CNA