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While being a nurse is often an extremely rewarding career, there are many factors that can make it a stressful job. As if the normal, everyday stress of nursing isn’t bad enough, sometimes other nurses can act like bullies and make the job even more difficult. When another employee is bullying you, you should not just accept it. The issue will not likely resolve it itself, but luckily there are many positive courses of action that you can take to remedy the problem. The following are a few strategies for dealing with workplace bullies:


Eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge, as nurses are typically running around and balancing many things at once. Taking a lunch break can sometimes be impossible. For this reason, snacking might be the way to go. Snacks can be consumed quickly on the go. Plus, eating 5-6 small meals a day, instead of 3 large meals, keeps the metabolism working at peak performance. Here are some great snack suggestions for busy nurses:


After graduating from a nursing program, it can be confusing to know what steps to take next in order to become employed as a nurse. There are many different sources that an individual can go to for help with getting a nursing job, and he or she should consider using at least one (and if possible, more than one) of these sources to help discover job opportunities.


In a highly competitive field like nursing, it can seem difficult to stand out when applying for jobs. In most cases, the first exposure that an employer will have to you is through your resume. The strength of your resume will often determine whether or not you are called in for an interview, so it is extremely important to make sure that you write a resume that will not only catch the employer’s eye, but also clearly convey your strengths and qualifications. A well-written resume will help to ensure that you don’t miss out on any job opportunities that you’re qualified for.