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Wisconsin LPN Training

Many business experts recommend returning to school in order to build a better resume that will be more attractive in today's crowded job market. Wisconsin LPN training is one solution that may be considered as a way for one to quickly advance his or her education and make job opportunities immediately available. With a lot of growth expected in the health care industry, this may solve employment problems for some.

Wisconsin LPN training is a specialized training course for those who want to pursue the career of a licensed practical nurse. In hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities, doctors and nurses are responsible for the most important decisions about patient treatment and diagnosis. However, these medical professionals rely heavily on the services of licensed practical nurses to make patients feel comfortable.

Becoming an LPN in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, one must only complete 2 years or high school or the equivalent and graduate from a board-approved school of practical nursing in order to qualify for licensure by examination to be an LPN. The school must forward official transcripts and certification of graduation along with an individual's notarized application forms.

After Completing the Training

After completing the education requirements, an individual must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). One who fails the exam has 30 days to review or challenge the results. He or she can also apply to re-test.

While waiting for exam results, a graduate of an approved nursing program can apply for a graduate temporary permit that is valid for 90 days and non-renewable. If the student does not pass the exam, the permit ceases to be valid. Once a permit is issued, the individual is considered a Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN).

Renewing an LPN License

An LPN must renew his or her license every 2 years in order to continue practicing. After 5 years of inactivity, an individual must prove his or her competence in order to become relicensed.

Additional Resources

Like in other parts of the country, LPNs in Wisconsin work directly with patients, clients, and facility residents.

LPN duties include performing basic diagnostic tests, administering medication to patients, giving shots and injections, obtaining patients' vital signs, as well as many other important responsibilities.

As a Wisconsin LPN, you might specialize in obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery or psychiatry or another nursing specialty that interests you.

The Best LPN Schools in Wisconsin

By providing the most compehensive list of nursing schools, NurseGroups.com helps you find the best LPN programs in Wisconsin, including the best online LPN schools accepting students in Wisconsin.

Why Online LPN Classes?

Being a licensed practical nurse is a great career. But many working adults who want to become an LPN have an extremely busy schedule - balancing a full-time job, family commitments and other personal responsibilities. The traditional classroom setting offered by most local LPN schools doesn't offer the same flexibility as taking their LPN classes online.

Online programs allow students to fit their education into their already busy schedule - studying and taking exams when it's convenient for them. LPN students can access their online classroom 24 hours per day / seven days per week.

Also, taking LPN nursing courses online saves students even more time, as online students don't need to commute to school. Online schools enable busy people to get LPN training, without interfering with their current job or personal life.

Wisconsin LPN Resources

On-Campus & Online LPN Schools

18 LPN Schools in Wisconsin

Fox Valley Technical College

Moraine Park Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Blackhawk Technical College

Gateway Technical College

Western Technical College

Herzing University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Waukesha County Technical College

Nicolet Area Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

North Central Technical College

Moraine Park Technical College

Mid State Technical College