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MSN Programs in Indiana

MSN Programs in Indiana

MSN Programs in Indiana

MSN Programs in Indiana can be a great way for a nurse to advance his or her career. Nurses are always in demand, and this makes nursing a job with more security than most.

Traditional vs. Online Programs

Nurses in Indiana have to decide what program type best suit their learning styles and schedules. Some students prefer traditional classroom programs, while others prefer to attend lessons from their homes through an online program. Each type of program has its benefits, and it is up to the individual do decide which would be the best fit for him or her.

Programs that are given on-campus can be very beneficial for students who like to stick to a rigid schedule and interact with other students. Many students prefer the personalized attention they can get from on-campus courses. However, if a student does not have time to attend classes each week or does not live near a campus that offers an MSN program, he or she may want to consider online MSN classes.

Online MSN programs can give students the flexibility to work as a nurse while they continue their education. These programs especially great for nurses who have families to take care or other time-consuming obligations. This gives them the opportunity to complete their schoolwork and tests on their own time, while being able to make time for their other obligations.

MSN Program Requirements

Each program has different criteria for admission, but there are many similarities between the requirements. Many programs require students to:

  • Fill out an application and pay the application fee
  • Submit official nursing school transcripts
  • Have graduated from a BSN program with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Be interviewed by program faculty
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • Submit an essay
  • Submit a resume or CV
  • Have received acceptable GRE scores
  • Be a licensed RN

MSN Tuition Costs

Tuition costs a different amount for every school and program. For example, depending on which MSN track a student chooses, it costs between $21,060 and $26,650 to attend Brenau University. A 6 month term at the Western Governors University MSN program costs $3,250. Attending California University online for an MSN degree costs students $14,850 if the student lives in-state and $15,407 if the student is from out-of-state.

On-Campus & Online MSN Schools

8 MSN Schools in Indiana

Anderson University

University of St. Francis

Goshen College

Indiana University

Bethel College

Indiana University

Purdue University