MSN Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas MSN Programs

Anyone who is looking to get more out of his or her nursing job or thinks that management might be a good career path should consider a master's of science in nursing degree. Receiving an MSN degree often results in a higher paying job. Spending 2 years earning an MSN degree can often lead to greatly expanded career opportunities.

You can select from several different MSN programs in Arkansas when you start to pursue this level of education. You can go to school in a public university or private institute, depending on what you have the financial aid for. Many students will also take their education on the internet since most of the master's level training happens on a theory level, not a hands-on one. You can get a sound education on the computer, but traditional means are available for those who prefer working in a classroom.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

Nurses who are looking to go back to school to get an MSN can choose from a few different options in Arkansas. An individual can choose to go to school at a public university or private institute, often depending on what he or she can receive financial aid for. At the most basic level, the choice is between attending a program that requires students to learn in a traditional classroom setting and an online program that a student can complete from his or her home.

An individual who prefers to work side by side with other students and have direct access to the teacher during class would probably benefit most from enrolling in a traditional classroom program. There are many benefits to this type of program as long as the student is able to attend class on a regular schedule. If the individual does need a more flexible class schedule, he or she may want to consider enrolling in an online MSN program.

Online MSN programs allow students to complete work and examinations on their own schedules. This type of program is great for someone who is already working as a nurse and is not able to attend a traditional nursing program.

Admission Requirements

There are unique requirements for admission to each MSN program, but there are also many similar requirements. Criteria for enrollment may include:

  • Having graduated from an accredited BSN program
  • Having completed an undergraduate statistics course with at least a C grade
  • Submitting his or her official nursing school transcripts
  • Holding a valid nursing license
  • Submitting a resume or CV
  • Submitting a list of professional references
  • Submitting an essay or writing sample

Degree Requirements

Not all MSN programs offer the same specializations for students. For example, South University offers Nurse Educator, Nurse Informatics, and Nurse Administrator specialization tracks. Cappella University on the other hand, only offers a Nurse Educator program. The Nurse Educator specialization leads to jobs such as staff educator, claims investigator, nursing instructor, nursing faculty, director of nursing or chief nursing officer.

The number of credits a student must complete to earn an MSN degree depends on which school he or she attends and which specialization he or she has chosen to pursue. For example, at Indiana Wesleyan University, students in the MSN/MBA program must complete 60 credits. Cappella University's Nurse Educator program requires students to take 56 credits.

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