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Nursing School Survival Tips

Nursing school is defined as a kind of educational institute where training and education to become a full-fledged nurse is provided. Across the globe, the nature of nursing education and nursing certifications differs quite significantly, though one thing that is common among all nursing schools is the difficulty of the workload and the consequent stress that some people in nursing school experience. To survive this stress, graduate nursing school and then become a successful nurse with a blossoming nursing career, take heed of the following tips for nursing programs.

How Soon Should a Nurse Practitioner Student Apply for a Job?

For every student in college, no matter what degree they are seeking, the question is always the same: How soon should I apply for a job in my career field? Depending on the field you are majoring in, the answer could be different. However, for most fields, it is okay to start applying in the final few months before graduation. For nurse practitioner students, it could be both beneficial and a hindrance to apply for jobs before graduation. Read on further and I will explain how that is in more detail.

Physical Requirements to Be a Neonatal Nurse

A neonatal nurse is responsible for caring for the smallest patients in a hospital. Neonatal nurses care for babies after they are born and sometimes help with the labor and delivery of the babies, depending on the department structure of the hospital they are in. Neonatal nurses are care for the most critical newborn babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. The nurses in the neonatal department have various requirements that are expected of them during the course of their job.


The National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination (NLN PAX) is a standardized test that potential nursing students must take prior to being admitted into a nursing program. There are two different versions of the NLN PAX: One for RN programs and one for LPN/LVN programs. This multiple-choice exam is made up of 214 questions that test candidates on verbal skills, mathematics, science. The PAX-PN also has a section on health and first aid. The verbal portion includes both vocabulary and reading comprehension sections.

LPN Scholarships & Grants

An aging population and increased access to medical care means that the outlook is bright for a career in medicine. Nurses form a vital part of medical care, and nursing’s demand for interaction with patients and opportunity to learn all about the human body makes nursing an excellent career choice. A licensed practical nurse or LPN is essential to nursing care. Working under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses, the LPN administers basic care. Although the educational requirements for the LPN are not as extensive as those for other nurses, schooling is still necessary.

How Much Do Nurses Make in Doctor's Offices?

If you are wondering what the average wage for a nurse at a doctor's office is then you should be aware of the fact that there are a number of factors that can affect salary. Everything from specialized skills to the geographic location of the employment will affect the average salary that a nurse can expect to earn. On average, nurses throughout the country make approximately $62,000 a year. An individual weighing their options when it comes to employment may want to consider applying at a few different jobs in order to get a better idea of exactly what the salary is.

Can Misdemeanors Prevent You from Being an LPN?

The answer to this question is not easy to answer. It really depends on what state you live in and the types of crimes for which you have a conviction. In some cases, the amount of time since the last crime makes a difference also. In most states, anyone who has a criminal past may have to go before the nursing board before receiving a license. Those boards have a considerable amount of leeway when it comes to granting or not granting a license.

Histology Resources

The human body is a highly complicated machine. It’s more complicated than most engines because there are countless small parts that connect to each other and turn the body into quite an efficient machine. Each part of the human body plays a specific role and each role is extremely important to the health and well-being of a person. Here are links to sites that explain how the body functions.


A Guide to Geriatrics

In our society, from a young age people work at a career to earn enough money to take care of their family and eventually retire to enjoy the later years of their lives. While in theory this is a good plan many times due to circumstances beyond the control of the person, they are not able to enjoy the later years. Whether it is due to health issues, financial issues or other factors, caring for the elderly is a big responsibility.

The Nursing Career Reference Guide

The medical field is one of the most important areas of study, and professionals in this occupation are constantly in demand. In particular, the nursing industry is one of the most rewarding, as well as challenging professions. To assist in learning more about the nursing profession, we have gathered a collection of resources on the topic:

Health Related Job Listing Websites

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical guidelines are necessary for the treatment, management, and prevention of medical conditions. Clinical practice guidelines cover common areas of health care and provide physicians with scientific based research developed by leaders in that field. Guidelines can be useful by patients to help them understand the level of care they should be receiving. The following are clinical practice guidelines for common medical conditions and some less common.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, originated from China about 5,000 years ago, and it was developed based on the understanding the relationships between the human body and the environment. This form of medicinal practice takes into account the influences of nature and the cosmos. It also incorporates Chinese philosophical and biological theories, such as the Yin-yang, the Zang Fu theory, the Meridian system, and the Five Phases. Some of the common TCM practices include Chinese herbalism, dietary therapy, acupuncture, and Shiatsu and Tui Na massage.

The Prenatal and Neonatal Resource Page

Prenatal care is essential for a healthy mother, child, and pregnancy. Incorporating things like prenatal vitamins and healthy exercise into your daily routine can go a long ways towards ensuring the health and well being of both mother and child. It is also important to be aware of proper prenatal testing that will alert to any development problems or abnormalities early and can help to prevent life threatening complications. Quality neonatal care, after a child is born, is also important because it is at that time when children are most susceptible to neonatal death.

History of Nurses in the Military

The medical profession is one of the most important career paths that people can take. Medical professionals such as Doctors, Nurses and Technicians all play an important role in care and treatment of patients. Since nursing first came into the public view, one of the most important roles that nurses had were aiding wounded soldiers during the time of war. During times of war, well-known nurses such as Clara Barton, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale among others, have stepped forward to care for the sick and wounded during wartime.

Nursing History: The History of WWII Medicine for Schools

World War II provided the backdrop for a major expansion of medicine. War wounds and infections created the need for more effective and urgent treatments that could be administered easily on the battlefield. Researchers and medical experts responded with new drugs and practices. Sulfanilamide, penicillin, Atabrine, plasma, and morphine were among the chief wartime medical advancements.

The Life of Clara Barton

Clara Barton was a truly remarkable woman. Born on Christmas Day in 1825, she was the youngest of five children. Though she received little formal education, relying on her older sisters to teach her to read, she showed a remarkable intellect. She became a teacher in her home town of Oxford, Massachusetts by age 17. Naturally shy, she nonetheless took on forty young students and met with great success. Her school won awards for its great discipline, and her skills were in such demand that she was able to demand the same pay as male schoolteachers, a watershed at that time.

Juvenile Diabetes and Your Child's Health

When people hear the term Diabetes, they generally think of one type of the medical condition. In reality, there are three types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is what is commonly talked about as juvenile-onset diabetes and is caused by a deficiency in the body to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is called adult-onset diabetes and is generally considered the most common type of diabetes. The third type is gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy when mothers get high blood glucose levels.

How to Become a Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses are the bridge between the health care world and the justice system. They are responsible for gathering and storing evidence that can be used in a court case and taking care of crime victims. Forensic nursing is quite new to the nursing field so it can be hard to find a job at first. However, as crime continues to increase, the demand for forensic nurses will rise as well.

Nurses that Changed the World

In the history of the medical profession many people have played huge roles in its advancement. Physicians such as Dr. Christiaan Barnard, who completed the first successful heart transplant, Dr. William Osler, who is considered the father of modern medicine and Dr. Jonas Salk, who found the vaccine for polio, and among the most noted professionals in the medical field. However, these famed Physicians are not the only important figures in the medical field. The advancements in medicine and patient care have advanced significantly because of another important group.

Nursing Education Wilderness First Aid & First Responder

Thousands of people enjoy the entertainment offered by wilderness excursions each year. Camping, hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting and snowboarding represent popular outdoor activities. The popularity of outdoor activities contributes to the number of people injured while pursuing wilderness activities. More than 70% of nonfatal wilderness injuries involve soft-tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. People also experience injury through exposure; heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hypothermia.

Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based medicine is a philosophy that is now commonly accepted that believes medical decisions should be made from scientific evidence. From the evidence and subsequent decision, a course of treatment will be determined.

The Evidence Based Medicine model uses factors such as quality of life and value of life in the ultimate decisions regarding patient care. Evidence Based Medicine will gather the scientific data to help make the determination on what the eventual outcome will be for the patient when the treatment is finished.

Psychology Resources

Psychology is the study of the mind, its processes, and resulting behavior. Focusing on both the behavior of an individual and the behavior of a group of people, psychology encompasses a broad range of topics and specialties. Children, the elderly, changes along the developmental lifespan, and various mental illnesses and disorders are all subjects explored by those involved in psychology. Psychologists also examine the physiological causes of mental problems and abnormal behavior, and the influence of mental problems and abnormal behavior on the body.

Special Olympics and Other Recreation Programs

The Special Olympics, founded by the Kennedy family in 1968, is the largest organization officially recognized by the IOC as a sports movement for mentally and physically disabled people in the United States. The philosophy of the Special Olympics is to improve our overall society through the awareness and acceptance of those with intellectual and physical disabilities.

History of the Special Olympics

A Kid's Guide to Being a Nurse

Nursing is an important job in the field of medicine. Nurses are responsible for treating and caring for patients, while supporting doctor's efforts. There are many kinds of nurses, and all can have different duties. The education and licensing requirements to become a working nurse can depend on the type of nursing specialty that you're interested in. With a great job outlook for decades to come, deciding to become a nurse can be a smart decision, if you love medicine and helping people.

A Nurse's Guide to Pediatrics

Unlike adults, infants and children require specialized medical care and treatment that is customized to their personal requirements. Pediatric nurses are in great demand when it comes to medical treatments for children. Many pediatric nurses cite their passion for working with children and families as one of the main attractions of their jobs. Interestingly, a 2011 Nursing Solutions Inc. report indicates that within the entire field of nursing, the lowest turnover rates were recorded for pediatric nurses.

The Importance of Nurse Practitioners in Health Care Reform

There are approximately 50 million uninsured Americans. As the Affordable Healthcare Act goes into effect over the next several years, many of those people will qualify for coverage. It's predicted that nearly 30 million people in the United States will be looking for healthcare providers within the next two years. California alone is expected to have almost 7 million people seeking doctors. It is likely that primary care physicians will not be able to cope with this surge in patients.

The Life of a Nurse

In the United States, one of the fastest growing fields of employment is the field of nursing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurse (RN) jobs are expected to increase by 26 percent by the year 2020. In addition, over the years there has been an increasing shortage of people choosing nursing as a career. By the year 2015, the shortage is expected to reach 500,000 and by 2020 an astounding 800,000. As a result, this makes it a great option for both men and women who are contemplating a medical career.

Computer Aided Surgery Resources

Computer-assisted surgery uses computer technology for guiding and completing surgical intervention. The method has been used since 1989. Computer-assisted surgery provides clearer visualization and pinpoint targeting of the surgical area. The procedure consists of image-guided surgery, three-dimensional computer surgery, robotic surgery, and any surgery using a computer-based method. Computer based procedures allow the surgeon to practice before hand.

Free Nursing CEUs

Welcome to the NurseGroups directory of FREE online CEUs. Please contact us if you know of any that have not made our list. The CEUs listed below are all valid and ANA approved for credit as of 5/19/2010. does not offer or endorse any CEUs. This is a list of Continuing Education courses and titles currently available through various ahfccredited organizations.

Caring for Geriatrics

Taking care of geriatrics, or elderly people, is no easy task. When people reach an advanced age, it is likely that they will develop a variety of health complications, and possibly mental and emotional problems as well. Many old people need constant care to help them overcome their physical disabilities or health problems, but most of them do not have anybody to attend to their needs on a daily basis. This is the reason why geriatric nurses are becoming more in demand these days.

Medicine Through Time

Human beings have been experiencing health problems since thousands of years ago, and illnesses have grown in variety and number throughout the years. Whenever new diseases were discovered, physicians and medical experts would try to find cures for them, but there are still a number of diseases that remain incurable today.

Evidence Based Nursing

Evidence based nursing, or EBN, is a form of clinical practice that relies on research findings to manage the health problems of a patient. It involves several processes that can contribute to a better understanding of a patient’s condition as well as the effectiveness of a certain treatment method. Evidence based nursing usually begins with the formulation of a question concerning a patient’s medical condition, and then, research is performed to find answers to the question.

History of the Nurses Cap

The profession of nursing has been around for centuries, but the development of nursing as a calling truly took off in the 19th Century with the work of Florence Nightingale. Nightingale saw the need to bring professionalism to nursing. She was instrumental in developing training the nurses need as well as the uniform which helped give them a professional look. Part of the uniform that was accepted was the nurse’s cap.

Dorothea Dix: Nurse/Activist of the 1800's

Dorothea Dix was an important woman of the 19th Century, and the advancement of many causes. Dix was a teacher, writer, advocate for the mentally ill and was a nurse during the Civil War.

Dorothea Dix was born on April 4, 1802 in Hampden, Maine. After spending a rough beginning with an abusive father and alcoholic family, she spent her teen years in Boston, Massachusetts at the home of her Grandparents. It was there that the Grandparents nurtured Dorothea’s desire to learn.

Nursing Resources on the Internet

Choosing any career can be a a life changing decision. Understanding the skills and education needed is an essential element in researching a career. A career in nursing is more than wearing blue smocks and taking temperatures. There are several specialized fields to choose from, each with their own set of requirements. Depending on your state you may need more or less education to get into your chosen field of nursing. For more on nursing careers proceed to the resource sections for more detailed information.

General Nursing Information

Medical and Clinical Research Glossary

abdomen - The section of the body between the pelvis and the chest.

abscess - A collection of pus in a cavity within tissue. Often related to infections.

acute - Severe, but not lasting long.

adenitis - The swelling of a gland.

adenoma - A noncancerous tumor of gland tissue. They can grow malignant over time.

adrenal glands - Sits on top of the kidneys and regulates stress response. Creates adrenaline.

The Women and Minorities of Science and Engineering

For a long time, there was a shortage of women and minorities in the fields of science and engineering. Traditionally, these fields were mostly dominated by white men, because women and minorities were more interested in other academic pursuits, such as arts and humanities, business, law, education, and others. Besides the lack of interest, women and minorities were also not confident that they would do well in science and technology-oriented fields.

Medical Humanities Resources

The term medical humanities refers to a wide array of different disciplines, including ethics, religion, social science, psychology, literature, and even the arts. This field combines different background, subjects and areas of study and puts them into a medical context. All of these various disciplines are then implemented into the world of medicine and applied to physicians and private practices as well as hospitals and government institutions.

History of Nursing

When you think of nursing, you may think of Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, or maybe even the nurses of movies and television shows such as MASH, ER and Chicago Hope. Regardless of what triggers your thoughts, the nursing profession has been one of the most respected in history, and its history goes back decades.

37 Online Clinical Calculators for Nurses

Nursing can be a very rewarding job but it also takes a lot of hard work. Nurses are expected to be experts in their fields, know many different types of information, and be able to put that information to use in a fast paced environment. When in nursing school, students will realize that there are many formulas and calculations that nurses must know in order to provide top of the line care to their patients. The following are a list of clinical calculators covering all different types of calculations used in the field of nursing.

Magnesium Body Deficiency

In this age of processed everything, and an increasing distance from the source of food and drink it is becoming clear that many naturally occurring substances are more important in nutrition than was previously widely acknowledged. Also an overabundance of some substances in foods, such as fluoride becoming over prevalent as it is added to many water sources, is similarly concerning. Magnesium deficiency is critical in heart disease as well as numerous other health problems.

Cardiovascular Disease, Magnesium, and Drinking Water