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How Soon Should a Nurse Practitioner Student Apply for a Job?

For every student in college, no matter what degree they are seeking, the question is always the same: How soon should I apply for a job in my career field? Depending on the field you are majoring in, the answer could be different. However, for most fields, it is okay to start applying in the final few months before graduation. For nurse practitioner students, it could be both beneficial and a hindrance to apply for jobs before graduation. Read on further and I will explain how that is in more detail.

Nurse practitioner students can find it very beneficial to apply for jobs during their final month or two of being in school. There are plenty of hospitals and doctor’s offices that have new graduate programs that are designed especially for the nurse practitioner student to secure a job prior to graduation. With hospitals, the nurse practitioner student may have even secured the job before they began their advanced education. It is not rare for a hospital to agree to pay for a nurse’s education in exchange for a contract of employment after their graduation. In this case, the nurse practitioner student does not have to find a job after graduation, because they already have one. Just be sure you apply to a position that accepts new graduates, even if you have not graduated yet.

As I said earlier, nurse practitioner students can find it a hindrance to apply too soon for jobs in their career field. There are some places who will only accept applications for the positions after you have the degree and have become licensed. So, to apply before you graduate would be a waste of your very valuable time. Another thing to look at is that some places, once you have applied and been rejected because you did not have the degree or license yet, will not let you re-apply after you have earned all that you need to work in the field. This is why it is important to find a place that has a new graduate employment program if you want to apply for a job before you graduate.

When it comes to finishing up school and getting into the nurse practitioner career field, do not think about how soon you can apply for jobs. Get through the program and pass the test first. Then worry about looking for jobs. In the medical field, there are always jobs for nurse practitioners so there are plenty of job opportunities that await you after you get your degree and pass your test.