RN to BSN Programs

Nurses are in high demand today, and there are a variety of paths to becoming a registered nurse. Every state requires potential nurses to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for nursing certification (NCLEX-RN) in order to be certified as a registered nurse, but not every state requires a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) in addition to the examination. An associate degree in nursing (ADN) or even a nursing diploma may suffice to fulfill the requirements for certification as a nurse, and that is why there are many registered nurses working today who do not have the BSN. After working as an RN for many years, however, many people who just have an ADN find that they want to go back for their BSN because of the advantages that the bachelors degree provides. For those who want their BSN degree and are already registered nurses, there are many RN to BSN completion programs available to help make earning their degree even easier.

RN to BSN completion programs, whether taken in the traditional on-campus format or online allow students to graduate with a BSN degree without having to jump through all the hoops typically required in a full four-year bachelors degree. Since registered nurses have the experience and knowledge necessary for RN certification, there is no reason for colleges to require registered nurses to take the full spectrum of basic courses and classes that count specifically toward the major. This allows them to focus their studies on one or more other areas of nursing that most interest them. Palliative care and nursing administration, for example, are just some of the possible areas of concentration for those who enroll in one of the many RN to BSN completion programs available today.

Registered nurses who have particularly demanding schedules will definitely want to consider enrolling in an online RN to BSN program. Online RN to BSN programs, like other online college programs, allow students to take courses over the Internet, often at times that fit best in with their existing work schedules. Unless the courses are offered live online, these RN to BSN completion programs allow students to take classes anywhere from 6pm to 3am to 10am — whenever the student is able. Since the student is already a registered nurse, these RN to BSN online programs also tend to lack a requirement for in person laboratory work. Accelerated nursing programs that enroll students who are not registered nurses already will usually require some on-campus study, even if most of the programs are held online.

In sum, RN to BSN completion programs are definitely worth considering if one is already a registered nurse. Earning the degree in a shorter amount of time and being able to concentrate one’s studies in a specific area make these degrees advantageous for enrollees who already have nursing experience. Those who already are working as nurses should therefore look into these programs seriously when they want to advance their education, earn a qualification that might increase their pay, and more. Further information on RN to BSN online programs and other RN to BSN completion programs is available below and throughout this site.

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