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DNP Programs in Wisconsin

DNP Programs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNP Programs

Anyone who is already working as a registered nurse in the state of Wisconsin, and is interested in learning more about the administrative side of the healthcare world might want to consider applying for a Doctor of Nursing Practice program. The top DNP programs in Wisconsin cover many areas of nursing, helping students learn more about the financial side of healthcare, as well as giving them advanced skills in analyzing research and helping formulate hospital policies. There is a wide range of skills or topics that are covered in this type of program.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The requirements for DNP programs in Wisconsin vary based on which program an individual wants to attend and what level of education he or she has already attained. For example, if an individual has already earned his or her BSN, then he or she will have to complete 68 credits and 1,050 clinical hours to earn a DNP at the University of Wisconsin. If an individual has already earned an MSN, he or she will only need to complete 30 credits.

In contrast, the post-baccalaureate program at Marquette University requires students to earn 63-69 credits, while its post-master's DNP program requires completion of 33 credits.

Admission Requirements

In general, to attend a DNP program in the state of Wisconsin, an individual must have achieved at least a 3.0 GPA in a nationally accredited nursing program. Other common requirements are letters of recommendation, essays, official nursing school transcripts, GRE scores, proof of certification, background checks, and resumes.

Application deadlines also vary depending on which program an individual chooses to pursue. For example, at the University of Wisconsin, the priority application deadline is January 4. At Marquette University, the application deadline is February 15. It is important for anyone pursuing his or her DNP degree to find out exactly when the application deadline is so that he or she will not be put on a wait list.


The cost of attending a DNP program is dependent on which school an individual chooses to go to and how many credits he or she is required to take in order to earn a degree. Concordia University, for example, charges $680 per credit for their DNP program. This does not include the cost of the application fee, audit fee, technology fee, or the graduation fee.

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