DNP Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas DNP Programs

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal nursing degree that is focused on clinical practice. It differs from the PhD, which focuses on research. In Arkansas, DNP’s are prohibited from using the term ‘doctor.’ There are currently two DNP programs in Arkansas, one of which is offered by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the other is offered by the University of Arkansas.

The mission of both Arkansas DNP programs is to provide an education that allows graduates to experts and leaders in the field and to increase the quality of clinical care provided in the changing healthcare industry. Both programs are new.

Admission Requirements

The University of Arkansas DNP program has two means of entry: post-BSN and post-MSN (programs must be accredited by either NLNAC or CCNE). The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences requires applicants to have a master’s degree. Admission requirements vary for these programs, but are as follows:

  • University of Arkansas
    • BSN to DNP and Post-MSN Applicants
      • Current RN license in good standing
      • Completion of basic health assessment course
      • ‘C’ or better in basic-level statistics class
      • Basic computer and library skills
    • Post-MSN to DNP Additional Requirements
      • APN licensure
      • Certification as an APN
      • ‘B’ or better in graduate-level health policy course
  • University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences (Admission deadline for fall is June 1)
    • Official transcript reflecting all graduate work
    • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.40
    • Proof of unencumbered Arkansas or Texas RN license and advanced practice license
    • Notarized proof of 3,000 hours or more as an advanced practice nurse or nursing administrator
    • Evidence of supervised graduate clinical hours
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Personal Interview
    • English proficiency (TOEFL for foreign grads)
    • A statistics refresher course or review is advised

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