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How to Become a Medical Assistant in Rhode Island and Medical Assistant Programs in Rhode Island

Medical assistants perform a variety of clinical and administrative tasks for physicians. Their duties will vary with the location where they're working. Medical assistants may be responsible for taking vitals, maintaining patient records, assisting with routine examinations, administering injections, or scheduling appointments. Many medical assistants specialize in either clerical duties or clinical tasks. However, in small offices, medicals assistants often do both, and generally help to keep things running smoothly. To learn more about how to become a medical assistant in Rhode Island and medical assistant programs in Rhode Island, keep reading. You'll find this can be a very rewarding career.

There are no formal requirements for medical assistants, but most applicants for this job will have completed a certificate program or obtained an associate in applied science degree. There are several relevant degree programs in Rhode Island that students can pursue. These include:* Clinical Medical Assistant Technology Associate in Science Degree from New England Institute of Technology* Certificate Program in Medical Assisting from Sanford-Brown* Medical Assistant Program from Lincoln Technical InstituteThese programs take between one and three years to complete depending on your schedule. You'll learn many essential skills including how to take vitals and administer injections. You'll also learn basic medical terminology.

After completing one of these training programs, it's very helpful for students to obtain some type of certification. There are many options available for medical assistants. You can complete one certification exam, or sit for them all to demonstrate your proficiency in this field to potential employers. Your options include:* Certified Clinical Medical Assistant from the National Healthcare Association* Certified Medical Assistant from the American Association of Medical Assistants* National Certified Medical Assistant from the National Center for Competency Testing* Registered Medical Assistant from the American Medical TechnologistsSome employers may prefer one particular association, but most will recognize all certifications.

As baby boomers age out of many professions and require additional assistance from healthcare providers, there's an increased need for medical assistants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects job opportunities for medical assistant to increase 31 percent over the 2010 to 2020 decade. This is much faster than average and represents many new opportunities in this field. The average annual salary for a medical assistant in Rhode Island is $32,390 according to the BLS. This is about $15.57 an hour. Medical assistants with earnings in the bottom ten percent of the field make less than $24,700 while those with earnings in the top ten percent earn over $41,580.

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