MSN Programs in Idaho

Idaho MSN Programs

Anyone in Idaho who is tired of working base level nursing because of their lack of education may want to consider going back to school for an MSN degree. With a master’s of science in nursing, an individual can make more money and get a job with more responsibility.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

There are many MSN programs in Idaho to explore. One of the easiest ways for an individual to narrow his or her options is to figure out what specialization he or she wants to pursue. Some schools will only certain kinds of MSN programs, the specialty that an individual wants to pursue may not be available at every school in Idaho.

There are two main options to consider when looking for an MSN program: traditional classroom programs and online programs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and which type a student chooses typically comes down to which best fits his or her lifestyle and learning style.

Traditional programs offer students a more personal experience where they can interact closely with their teachers and classmates. However, these classes are held on a rigid schedule, which might not work for all students, especially those who currently work full-time.

Many students find online classes to be more convenient. Students who take these classes can complete their assignments and examinations from home. This is a great option for students who work full-time or do not live near a campus that offers an MSN program.

Admission Requirements

Every MSN program in Idaho has different admission requirements, but schools generally require students to:

  • Submit an application and application fee
  • Prove that he or she is currently a licensed RN
  • Have graduated from an approved BSN program with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • Write an essay
  • Interview with nursing faculty
  • Receive a background check
  • Pass a Test of English as a Foreign Language (if the student graduated from a program outside of the United States)


The cost of tuition for each school varies depending on which program a student chooses to enroll in. For example, the cost of getting an MSN degree at Brenau University costs between $21,060 and $26,650. The number of credits a student must take is determined by the specialty track he or she chooses, and this influences the total cost of tuition. The California University online program for an MSN degree costs students $14,850 if the student lives in-state and $15,407 if the student is from out-of-state.

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