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RN Programs in Arizona

RN Programs in Arizona

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Anyone who has a passion for helping others and a knack for working with medical problems may find nursing to be the perfect career. Every patient and every hospital presents unique obstacles throughout a nurse's career, but with the right training from an accredited school, a nurse should be able to tackle all of those issues and more. Becoming a nurse could be the start of a promising future.

One of the biggest benefits found within RN programs in Arizona is that there is always going to be a demand for people in this field. There are some areas of the state and of the country that have a higher demand for RNs than others, but as a whole, positions like this are popping up constantly.

Becoming an RN by Endorsement in Arizona

In order to become licensed by endorsement in Arizona, an individual must:

  • Have a diploma, associate degree, or baccalaureate degree from a state-approved program
  • Have passed the NCLEX
  • Be licensed in another US state
    • Have met one of the following requirements:
    • Worked as a nurse for at least 960 hours in the past 5 years
    • Graduated from a nursing program and obtained a degree in the past 5 years
    • Passed an Arizona Board approved refresher course in the past 5 year
    • Obtained an advanced nursing degree
  • Submit verification that he or she graduated from an approved nursing program

Becoming an RN by Examination in Arizona

In order to become licensed by examination in Arizona, an individual must:

  • Complete and submit an application for RN Licensure by Examination
  • Registered for the NCLEX
  • Submit proof that he or she is a citizen of the United States
  • Pay the $350.00 fee by credit card, check, or money order
  • If an individual can be issued a temporary permit if one of the following conditions are met:

    • He or she has had his or her fingerprints rejected, and he or she has passed the NCLEX
    • 2 years have passed since graduation and the individual needs to take a refresher course

    Additional Resources

    On-Campus & Online RN Schools

    The Best RN Schools in Arizona

    By offering the most complete directory of nursing schools, NurseGroups.com helps Arizona residents find the best local RN programs, as well as the best online RN schools whose accreditation is accepted by the Arizona Board of Nursing.

    Why Online RN Classes?

    Being a registered nurse is a great career. But many working adults who want to become an registered nurse have an extremely busy schedule - balancing a full-time job, family commitments and other personal responsibilities. The traditional classroom setting offered by most local nursing schools doesn't offer the same flexibility as taking their RN classes online.

    Online nursing programs allow each student to fit their education into his or her already busy schedule. Online students can participate in discussion forums and take exams when it's convenient for them. RN nursing students can access their virtual classroom 24 hours per day / seven days per week.

    Also, taking RN courses online saves students even more time, as online students don't need to commute to school. Online schools enable busy people to get an RN degree, without interfering with their current professional and personal life.

    Arizona RN Resources on NurseGroups.com

    Estrella Mountain Community College

    MCCDNP Chandler – Gilbert

    Central Arizona College

    Cochise College

    Coconino Community College

    Northern Arizona University

    MCCDNP Glendale Community College

    • 6000 West Olive Ave, Glendale
      Glendale, AZ 85302
      Programs: ADN, LPN, RN

    Mohave Community College

    Mesa Community College

    • 1833 West Southern Avenue
      Mesa, AZ 85202
      Programs: ADN, CNA, LPN, RN

    Pima Medical Institute

    Apollo College

    • 2701 W. Bethany Home Road
      Phoenix, AZ 85017
      Programs: ADN, LPN, RN

    Arizona State University

    Baptist Health System

    • 2000 W. Bethany Home Rd.
      Phoenix, AZ 85015
      Programs: RN

    Grand Canyon University

    International Institute of the Americas

    MCCDNP Gateway Community College

    MCCDNP Paradise Valley Community College

    MCCDNP Phoenix College

    University of Phoenix

    Yavapai College

    Scottsdale Community College

    Northland Pioneer College

    Banner Boswell

    Arizona State University

    Rio Salado College

    • 2323 West 14th Street
      Tempe, AZ 85281
      Programs: ADN, LPN, RN

    Eastern Arizona College

    Pima Community College

    University of Arizona

    Arizona Western College