DNP Programs in Delaware

DNP Programs in Delaware – Comparing Different Program Options

DNP programs present an opportunity for Delaware nurses to advance in their nursing careers. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal level nursing degree that focuses on clinical practice, whereas the focus of the PhD is research. Graduates of DNP programs are nursing leaders who have the ability to transform clinical practice for the better. DNP educated nurses may choose to work in an advanced practice specialty, administration, or healthcare policy. The best DNP programs for Delaware nurses are formulated based on the need for nursing professionals that are not only skilled with interpreting research, but also have a thorough working knowledge of administrative systems in the healthcare field.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Different DNP programs may be better suited to different people, so it’s a good idea to compare options and pick that which is best suited. Some programs admit only those with a master’s degree, while others are open to those with a bachelor’s. Course schedules may differ and some programs may require more credits to earn a degree than others. Programs also differ in terms of specialty areas one can choose from. Another important factor may be the location of the program and the times when classes are offered. Delaware DNP students may have to travel to a neighboring state to complete a DNP program, since the state currently does not have an established accredited program.

In addition to varying curricula, DNP programs also differ in terms of time-frame. Some programs allow one to enroll either full-time or part time. The time period necessary for degree completion is program-specific.

Online Programs

Online programs present a huge benefit to students in Delaware who are working full-time and unable to attend classes at a scheduled time. Since there are currently no established DNP programs in the state of Delaware, online programs present an opportunity to earn a DNP without moving or traveling to a nearby state. Chamberlain College of Nursing’s DNP is one example of an accredited online program. This particular program requires students to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in order to graduate. There are 4 practicum courses for a total of 500 clinical hours, and all students must complete a final project.

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