MSN Programs in Washington DC

Washington, D.C. MSN Programs

One of the most advanced degrees one can earn as a nurse is a master’s degree. There are various MSN programs in Washington D.C. to take one’s nursing education to the next level. Individuals who are interested in earning this advanced nursing degree should consider all program options and pick the best fit.

When it comes to MSN programs in Washington D.C., one can choose between online or distance learning and attending courses in a traditional classroom setting. Online programs offer greater flexibility, which can be useful for those who plan to work full time or who have a family. For other individuals, classroom interaction and the chance to work with others might aid in learning.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

For those who reside in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere and wish to pursue an MSN online, there are many program options available. Two examples are Capella University and Kaplan University. Capella University offers various specializations for MSN students to choose from, including care coordination, nursing education, nursing informatics and nursing leadership and administration. The MSN programs range in credits from 54-66, depending on the chosen track.

Kaplan University, another accredited online education program, offers 4 different MSN tracks: Executive Leader or Informatics, Adult NP, Family NP, and Nurse Education. The Executive leader or Informatics track consists of 65 total credits, and the other specialty curriculums range from 80-100 credits.

The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. offers a traditional classroom-based MSN program that is tailored to working nurses. This program offers several different specialty areas, similar to those mentioned previously. The program varies between 38-44 credits, and each specialty requires a different number of supervised clinical hours.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary by program, by the following is common:

  • Application and fee
  • Current Resume/CV
  • Goal Statement or Essay
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts from Accredited Program and minimum 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Current RN license
  • One year of RN experience or current employment as RN
  • GRE/GMAT Scores
  • Non-Native English Speakers and International Students:
    • World Education Services (WES) credentials evaluation
    • TOEFL


Tuition varies between MSN programs and is subject to change. MSN Program cost for Capella University is $450 per credit for GuidedPath, or $2,850 per 12-week billing session for FlexPath. Cost to attend Kaplan University’s MSN program ranges from $23,920-$36,800, depending on the chosen track.

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