MSN Programs in Alaska

Alaska MSN Programs

MSN programs in Alaska train students to work in the upper levels of the nursing world, filling management and research roles. Before looking into MSN programs in Alaska, an individual must complete four more years of education at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels. This will ensure that he or she has all of the base knowledge needed to build on during master’s level training. Some MSN programs last longer than others, but most can be completed in 2 years if a student attends the school full-time.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

Individuals in Alaska have a few options for obtaining an MSN degree. One of the biggest decisions an individual pursuing this degree has to make is whether he or she wants to attend classes online or in a traditional classroom setting. Each type of program has advantages and disadvantages, so it is important anyone considering these classes to decide which would be the best choice for his or her situation.

Those who prefer personal attention, interaction with other students, and do not need a flexible schedule may want to attend a program in a traditional classroom setting. The University of Alaska Anchorage has a program that fits these criteria. This program, like many MSN programs, offers specialty tracks such as Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for family, and Nursing Education.

If an individual prefers the flexibility offered by an online MSN program, he or she may want to consider Georgetown University. This program allows students to specialize as Family Nurse Practitioners, Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Educators, and Adult Gerontology ACNPs/Adult Gerontology CNSs.

Degree Requirements

The number of credits an individual must take in order to obtain an MSN degree depends on which school he or she attends and which specialty track he or she chooses. For example, at the University of Alaska Anchorage, earning an MSN degree requires a student to take anywhere from 45-50 credits, depending on the specialty chosen. At Georgetown University, an individual is required to take between 44-49 credits in order to complete the MSN program.

Admission Requirements

All MSN programs have different admission requirements, but there are often similarities between programs. Typical requirements include:

  • Having a BSN degree
  • Having graduated with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Currently holding an RN license
  • Letters of recommendation
  • An essay or writing sample
  • An application
  • One year of work experience as an RN
  • An interview with faculty

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MSN Schools Near You & Online in Alaska

University of Alaska

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