LPN Programs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island LPN Training

These days, people are learning that jobs are not to be taken for granted. Over the past few years, many individuals lost jobs due to downsizing. Rhode Island LPN training has provided a way for many people to jump start a new career in a short period of time.

Rhode Island LPN training is a highly specialized course that prepares graduates for the career of a licensed practical nurse. LPNs are responsible for providing bedside care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities.

Becoming an LPN in Rhode Island

In order to become licensed in Rhode Island, one must first graduate from high school or the equivalent. Then, the individual must successfully complete a state-approved nursing education program. Foreign-trained individuals must complete the equivalent education components to be qualified.

After Completing the Training

The test used to license LPNs in Rhode Island is the NCLEX-PN. Along with registration for examination, applicants must submit official transcripts, a head and shoulder photo of the applicant, the non-refundable fee, and a criminal background check. Those who are licensed out-of-state can apply for licensure by endorsement. Those who are licensed in a foreign country must also prove English proficiency.

Those who have recently graduated from a nursing education program can apply for a 90 day temporary permit to practice until passing NCLEX scores are obtained. An individual with this temporary permit is called a Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN).

LPNs must become relicensed every 2 years in order to continue practicing.

Additional Resources

LPN Schools Near You & Online in Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island

  • 1762 Louisquisset Pike Lincoln, RI 02865
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LPN, Radiography, RN, Sonography
    (401) 333-7000

Community College of Rhode Island

  • 400 East Avenue Warwick, RI 02886
    Programs: ADN, LPN, RN
    (401) 825-1000