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South Dakota LPN Training

Thanks to the sluggish economy, many are worried about job security career futures. Now might be a great time to go back to school because an enhanced education is a great way become more marketable. South Dakota LPN training is a specialized educational path that prepares graduates for an exciting new career in the medical industry without years of training. South Dakota LPN training is meant to prepare individuals to become licensed practical nurses. In healthcare facilities, most major decisions about patient care are made by doctors, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners. However, these medical professionals depend on the support of licensed practical nurses to help them make the most efficient use of their time. For those who enjoy working with people, have an interest in medical science, and thrive in a fast-paced working environment, a career as an LPN might be the right choice.

Becoming an LPN in South Dakota

An individual can become licensed as an LPN in South Dakota either by examination or by endorsement. In order to qualify for examination, one must complete either a SD nursing program approved by the board or an out-of-state nursing program approved by that state's board. The test used in South Dakota for licensure is the NCLEX. You must submit the following to take the test and become licensed:
  • Online application and $100 fee
  • Criminal Background Check results
  • Nursing Education Information (official transcripts required for out-of-state programs)
  • NCLEX registration and $200 fee
Those who have been educated in Canada or another foreign country can also apply for licensure by examination. Canadian applicants must have completed a government-approved 4 year high school course or equivalent, have a social security number, have graduated from a practical nursing program equivalent to that offered in SD, and provide proof of employment and having worked as a nurse for 140 hours in any 12 month period over the last 6 years. Individuals from a foreign country must complete the CGFNS certification program successfully in order to take the NCLEX. Those who have been licensed outside of South Dakota who wish to apply for licensure by endorsement must submit the following in order to do so:
  • Application an $100 fee
  • Official transcripts
  • Complete background check and fee
  • Verification of original state of licensure
  • Verification of having worked as a nurse at least 140 hours in each 12 year period over the last 6 years

Renewing an LPN License

There is a $90 fee for license renewal. Applicants who wish to renew must have worked at least 140 hours in each previous 12 month period.

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  • 101 Antelope Lake Circle Mission, SD 57555
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (605) 856-8100

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