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DNP Programs in Texas

DNP Programs in Texas

Texas DNP Programs

Today's healthcare industry is constantly changing. It is now possible for nurses to hold more power than ever in terms of establishing healthcare policies. Those who are interested in taking on a greater responsibility and leadership role in their profession may wish to look at DNP programs in Texas. By earning a Doctor in Nursing Practice degree, students learn the skills necessary to stand out in their field, and start seeing new ways of treating patients, analyzing research and data, and applying these to hospital policies and procedures.

Admission Requirements

Texas is among more than 5 states with the most DNP programs in the country. Although there are many differences between the programs in Texas, there are many similarities too. Some examples of the items that Texas DNP programs require applicants to submit:

  • An application
  • Official transcripts from the nursing school where he or she obtained a BSN or an MSN with a GPA of at least 3.0
  • A copy of his or her current nursing license
  • Proof that he or she has practiced as a nurse for at least one year
  • His or her GRE scores
  • A writing sample
  • Proof that he or she has taken a graduate level statistics course
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A resume
  • Personal references
  • An application fee
  • An essay
  • His or her Miller Analogies Test score

Prospective students may also be asked to attend an interview with the school as part of the application process.

The application deadline varies for most DNP programs. For example, at the University of the Incarnate Word, applications submitted before October 1 after given preferential treatment. At Baylor University, all students must submit their application materials by February 1. At Texas Tech University, the application period is from September 1 to January 15.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

DNP programs often have multiple tracks that a student can choose from depending on his or her career goals. Baylor University offers training to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, or a Nurse Midwife. The University of the Incarnate Word offers students the chance to train to become a Family Nurse Practitioner or an Advance Practice Registered Nurse.

The number of credits that a student has to complete in order to obtain a DNP degree depends on the level of education the student currently has achieved and which program he or she chooses to attend. For example, at Texas Tech University, an individual with an MSN must complete 45 credits in order to obtain a DNP degree. At the University of Texas, an individual with an MSN must complete 36 credits in order to get his or her DNP degree.

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