MSN Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut MSN Programs

Anyone who wants to work as a manager, educator, or researcher in the nursing field should look into the MSN programs in Connecticut. These programs use the foundations found at the associate’s and bachelor’s level of learning and expand on them in more specific courses. MSN students are able to learn special skills needed to lead a team of nurses or teach a group of students about the nursing world.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

Traditional classroom programs and online programs are the types of MSN degree programs available to students in the state of Connecticut. Traditional programs offer a few advantages over online programs for some people, while others find online programs to be a better fit. This depends on the exact situation of the individual who wants to obtain an MSN degree.

Traditional programs offer students the ability to learn from a teacher who is there in person to answer any questions that he or she may have. These individuals also have the ability to collaborate with other students on projects. However, traditional classes require students to attend class at the same time and place every week, and this may be inconvenient for some individuals.

Online programs, on the other hand, give students the flexibility to watch lectures and complete assignments whenever is most convenient for them. These programs are great for individuals who do not have flexible work schedules or have other obligations that could keep them from attending classes at a set time.

Admission Requirements

There are different requirements to be admitted to each program. Admission requirements often include:

  • Submitting an application
  • Currently being licensed as an RN
  • Having a BSN degree from an accredited program
  • Paying an application fee
  • Passing a Test of English as a Foreign Language (if the student was educated outside of the United States)
  • Submitting an essay
  • Submitting letters of recommendation
  • Tuition

    The cost of tuition is different for each program. Even some online programs charge different rates for students who are from out-of-state. For example, at California University the MSN program costs $14,850 for in-state students and $15,407 for out-of-state students. Tuition at Chamberlain University costs $34,935 for the Family Nurse Practitioner track and $26,310 for all other MSN tracks.

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