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Highest-Paying Cities for Nurses in Every State

Highest-Paying Cities for Nurses in Every State

Median Salary and Best-Paying Cities The median salary for nurse practitioners is $121,610, with the best-paying cities including San Jose and San Francisco. According to Vivian Health, the highest-paying metro area for registered nurses is Santa Cruz, California, with a median annual wage of $175,350. Highest-Paying Cities for Nurses in Every State A Vivian Health ranking found that nurses earn some of the highest wages ... Read More
Financial Aid for CNA Programs

Financial Aid for CNA Programs

Exploring financial aid options for students interested in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs can significantly alleviate the financial burden associated ... Read More
Guide to Radiation Therapy Programs

Guide to Radiation Therapy Programs

Radiation therapy stands as a cornerstone in the treatment of cancer, using high-energy rays to target and destroy cancer cells ... Read More
Types of Sonographers

Types of Sonographers

The main types of sonographers include:
  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    • Performs general diagnostic sonography exams on different parts of ... Read More
Best Schools to Take Forensic Nursing Classes

Best Schools to Take Forensic Nursing Classes

Forensic nursing is an emerging and specialized field that combines nursing science with forensic science and criminal investigation. Forensic nurses ... Read More
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Medical Assisting

Medical Assistant

What are Some Medical Assistant Duties? The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) states that while the duties of medical assistants vary by employer,

Radiology Nursing

Radiology Nursing

What is Radiology Nursing? Radiology nursing is a fairly technical nursing specialty, which deals with a variety of imaging equipment. According to Johnson & Johnson,

IV Therapy

Intravenous Therapy Nursing

What Is Intravenous Therapy Nursing? Intravenous therapy nurses, also known as infusion nurses, provide intravenous therapy to patients using an IV. Intravenous therapy can be

Telephone Triage Nursing

What is Telephone Triage Nursing? According to Johnson & Johnson, telephone triage nursing is also called telehealth nursing. These nurses advice patients over the phone,

Transplant Nursing

Transplant Nursing

What is Transplant Nursing? Transplant nursing is the specialization focused on caring for those who are giving or receiving transplant organs, such as kidneys, liver,

Urologic Nursing

Urology Nursing

What is Urologic Nursing? Urologic nursing is the specialization that focuses on caring for patients with urologic disorders and diseases. According to The Urologic Nursing