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How to Get the Job

Getting a Nursing Job: How to Ace a Nursing Interview

Interviews are one of the most important, and sometimes most terrifying, steps in finding a job. Whether individuals are applying to hospitals, clinics, home health care agencies, or any other employer, they will be expected to interview for the desired position. Interviews are a critical step in finding the right candidate for a position, because they allow an employer to move beyond the information on a resume and get a better feel for who they might be hiring. Since interviews are often the first and only chance an individual gets to meet with a potential employer, it is important to be prepared and to make a great and lasting first impression. Though a great interview does not guarantee one the position, it certainly increases his or her chances of success. There are many steps one can take to ensure that he or she will make a good impression in an interview.

How to Get Noticed in the Nursing Field

Nurses play a vital role in healthcare. They are highly skilled professionals trained in caring for patients. Often, these individuals spend more time with patients than physicians and other healthcare personnel, making them largely responsible for patient experience. Due to the high demand for nurses, many individuals are pursuing a career in this field. This means that there is an increasing amount of competition for nursing jobs and promotions, and it is becoming more and more important to stand apart from one's fellow nurses.

List of Prominent Nursing Organizations

Nursing organizations exist to advance the interests of nurses and the nursing profession and to provide a community in which nurses can network and voice ideas. Some nursing organizations may even provide educational resources, continuing education courses, and specialty certifications. Nursing organizations are able to attract members due to nurses' desire for community and the prestige associated with membership or additional certification. Nursing organizations exist at the international, national, and state level.