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Guide to Nursing Resources

Career Information

  • Exploring Nursing- An overview of the type of nursing careers.
  • Nursing Career Overview- Great explanation of the education and skills needed to be come a nurse.
  • The Nurse Career- Outlines the type of jobs nurses can get, and some FAQs about the position.
  • Forensic Nursing- Explains what forensic nursing is and the services that use forensic nurses.
  • Online Nursing Schools- Listing of schools that offer nursing training and education.
  • Statistics- Department of Labor Statistics guide for nurses. Describes job description, qualifications, and pay.



Journals and Newsletters

Clinical Nursing and Biomedical Science

Additional Resources

  • Nursing Accrediting Commission-Ensures that nursing institutes, educational programs are accredited , meet standards and abide by policy.
  • Gerontological Nursing- An American Nurses Association site for materials to learn about the growing industry of gerontological nursing.
  • Neonatal Nursing- Educational programs and documents for nurses to use to educate themselves. 
  • Oncology Nursing- A society dedicated to nurses and health care facilities thriving for success in the health industry.
  • Supply Meets Demand?- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services evaluates the possibility of nation lacking registered nursed where needed.