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LPN Scholarships & Grants

An aging population and increased access to medical care means that the outlook is bright for a career in medicine. Nurses form a vital part of medical care, and nursing’s demand for interaction with patients and opportunity to learn all about the human body makes nursing an excellent career choice. A licensed practical nurse or LPN is essential to nursing care. Working under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses, the LPN administers basic care. Although the educational requirements for the LPN are not as extensive as those for other nurses, schooling is still necessary. Paying for it can be a challenge, but LPN nursing grants and LPN scholarships can provide students the financial assistance they need for LPN training.

The basic difference between LPN nursing grants and LPN scholarships has to do with the prerequisites for assistance. Most LPN scholarships are awarded to applicants who have demonstrated leadership or scholastic potential, although financial need is often taken into account as well. LPN nursing grants, on the other hand, are usually awarded solely on the basis of need. The first step to applying for LPN nursing grants is always to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and some LPN scholarships may require the form as well. This form can be obtained online from the U.S. Department of Education.

With the filled-in FAFSA in hand, it is time to apply to the various LPN scholarships and LPN nursing grants that are available. Potential students should be aware that these scholarships and grants are found at the local, national, and individual college levels. Most nursing schools will have various scholarships and grants available, and students should always apply for financial aid at their school of choice. But there are also national foundations that offer LPN nursing grants and LPN scholarships to students regardless of their school of choice. These extra sources of funding should not be overlooked, and several of these foundations and associations are listed below.

In the application process, it is absolutely key to follow the directions on the grant or scholarship form precisely. Nothing will disqualify a student for one of the many LPN nursing grants or LPN scholarships faster than an incomplete application form. Thus, applicants should check and double-check to make sure that they have sent in a complete application packet.

As far as the applications themselves, letters of recommendation are very important. Those who want one or more LPN scholarships, especially, need to get letters only from those professors and community service leaders who will write a superb recommendation. Students should always think carefully before they solicit these letters of recommendations.

Virtually all applications for LPN scholarships, and even many applications for LPN nursing grants, will also require an essay on the student’s goals and objectives. Applicants should write honestly and to the point, making sure that they make a note of all of their achievements that would be pertinent to the scholarship or grant in question.

These are just some of the pointers to help students apply for LPN nursing grants and LPN scholarships effectively. The resources found below provide more information on this important topic.