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Medical Humanities Resources

The term medical humanities refers to a wide array of different disciplines, including ethics, religion, social science, psychology, literature, and even the arts. This field combines different background, subjects and areas of study and puts them into a medical context. All of these various disciplines are then implemented into the world of medicine and applied to physicians and private practices as well as hospitals and government institutions. The field of study and of work often ties in medicine and research with the human condition and suffering as well as personhood and society's responsibility to each other and to take care of each others health. Often, this philosophy ties in with history and the study of psychology. Ethical practices in medicine and law are a large part of this field. The subject of medical humanities relates to how people interact with one another, with society, and how these interactions and relationships can be translated into medical practice. Even arts, literature, and film can be tied into medical humanities. With the combination of biomedical science and new technology, along with social contexts, students and practitioners of the medical humanities can work together to make the world a healthier and more compassionate place.

The Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database – NYU database of art, literature, and medical related information and examples.

President's Council on Bioethics – Government division for bio-ethical practices

Bioethics Resources On The Web – Information and policies on medical humanities and bioethics.

National Endowment for the Humanities – General government humanities-related website, with links to other sources.

American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics – Legal organization that focuses on ethics in the medical field and how they apply to the law.

Laura Ferguson – Artist who utilizes accurate medical drawings into her own art.

Historical Anatomies on the Web – Online catalog of anatomically correct drawings from medical journals and doctors, old and new.

History of Medicine – American Association for the History of Medicine; association that focuses on diseases, health, and medical developments in relation to history.

American Journal of Bioethics – Journal with an emphasis on bioethics and the medical humanities.

Reading To Bette – The heartwarming story of how doctor and author Paul H. Rockey kept a journal of his time with one of his patients. (Web Archive)

Accomplishments of Bioethics and Medical Humanities – An in-depth article about the accomplishments of bioethics and medical humanities in the medical field.

The Institute for the Medical Humanities – At the University of Texas

Medical Humanities Resource Database – Syllabi and resources for educators and students looking to learn more about the field.

Medical Humanities Health Law and Ethics – Information on the field with courses and lectures.

Literature and Medicine – An article about the narrative shape of medicine and the experiences it involves.

Online Nursing Programs – Medical ethics relate to all forms of medicine including nursing, doctors, and hospice care workers.

Religion, Spirituality and Medicine – Historical background on medicine and religion.

Philosophy of Medicine – Information and reviews of the book The Philosophy of Medicine Reborn by Edmond D. Pellegrino.

Information on Medicine Philosophy – Article explaining how philosophy and medicine are the basis behind homeopathy.