LPN to BSN Programs in West Virginia

West Virginia LPN to BSN Programs

A nurse in the state of West Virginia can expect to make approximately $11 to $19 an hour if they hold an LPN certificate. Nurses who wish to make more than that as an hourly wage will need to consider earning an advanced nursing degree, such as a bachelor's of science in nursing degree. Nurses who hold a BSN degree can expect to earn approximately $19 to $30 an hour. Practicing LPN nurses can take part in a college program designed to help them earn their advanced nursing degree.

The LPN to BSN program is an accelerated nursing program offered at both online and traditional colleges. This program is designed to help nursing students earn their BSN degree in three to four years. A traditional BSN program can take anywhere from four to six years to complete. The LPN to BSN program in the state of West Virginia is faster than the traditional BSN program because of two factors. The first factor is the ability for nursing students to test out of basic nursing courses. The college will offer a written test that allows practicing nurses to show their skills and knowledge when it comes to nursing.

Another factor that helps decrease the amount of time it takes a student to earn their degree is the ability practicing LPN nurses have to use work experience towards their clinicals. All nursing students need to take part in clinicals. Clinicals are designed to give nurses hands-on training in a real world setting. Those in the LPN to BSN program might be able to use their work experience towards their clinicals. This eliminates the need for students to have to take part in a separate clinical duty and speeds up the time it takes to earn a BSN degree.

The admissions process to the LPN to BSN program is no different than any other college program. Prospective students will be required to submit proof of their high school diploma or GED certificate, SAT and ACT test results and letters of recommendation. In addition, nursing students will be required to submit additional information to their school of choice. They will be required to provide a current and valid LPN certificate and submit proof that they held a job as an LPN nurse for at least six months. All of these items are required before a student will be considered for admissions into an LPN to BSN program.

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