LPN to BSN Programs in Indiana

Indiana LPN to BSN Programs

When it comes to seeking a career in the healthcare industry, industry experts expect the number of nursing jobs to increase over the next 10 to 20 years. Individuals in the state of Indiana who wish to pursue a career in nursing may want to consider taking part in an LPN to BSN program, especially if they already have an LPN certificate in the state of Indiana. An LPN to BSN program is a fast-paced program designed to help individuals earn a higher, more advanced nursing degree without having to quit school.

A traditional BSN program can take individuals approximately four to six years to complete. The accelerated LPN to BSN program will take individuals approximately three to four years to complete. This program can be completed in a shorter span of time due to the fact that the students have the option to test out of courses. Testing out of basic nursing courses is available to students in the LPN to BSN program. The students will take a written test to show they possess the skills and knowledge that is taught in the course. If they pass they can be exempt from that basic nursing course.

Another reason that that LPN to BSN program is faster than a traditional BSN program is the ability to use work experience towards a student's clinical hours. Every nursing student who pursues a BSN degree must put in several hours of clinical work. This is where they gain hands-on training in the nursing industry and prepare for their career as a nurse. Students who hold an LPN certificate may already have a job in the nursing industry. They can opt to use their work experience as part of their clinical hours, which speeds up the process.

Students who attend an LPN to BSN program in the state of Indiana will still learn the same information as those who attend a BSN program. The only difference is the speed in which the course is offered. Students will still be expected to attend English classes, math, social science and communication courses as their basic core curriculum. In addition to the basic core curriculum, students will be expected to attend several healthcare and nursing courses ranging from basic classes to advanced classes. Once these are completed students will have earn their BSN degree and prepared to pursue a career in the nursing industry.

LPN to BSN Schools Near You & Online in Indiana

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