LPN to BSN Programs in South Dakota

South Dakota LPN to BSN Programs

In South Dakota, individuals who currently hold a certificate as an LPN will find plenty of opportunities for advancement when an LPN to BSN program is completed. Job outlook experts expect the nursing industry to continue to grow at above average rates for the foreseeable future. This means more avenues will open up for those nurses that pursue this bachelors of science nursing degree. A wider range of jobs,, more generous wage structure, and more responsibility are just a few of the advantages of initiating this advanced degree.

Individuals in South Dakota who are interested in enjoying the advantages of having their BSN can enjoy an accelerated program. This type of program drastically reduces the amount of time nurses who already hold an LPN certificate need to devote to obtaining their BSN when compared to the traditional method of obtaining such a degree. The traditional route of obtaining such a degree would take an individual between four and six years to complete. With the accelerated LPN to BSN program, however, that investment in time is slashed to only three to four years. Since a LPN already has a great deal of practical work experience as well as the knowledge obtained while pursing that degree, this can be applied to the bachelors of science nursing degree.

Students in the accelerated LPN to BSN program in South Dakota can make use of two options in order to reduce the time it takes them to complete their degree. Testing out of some of the required nursing courses is one possibility. With this option, students must show their competence in the material that would be covered in that class by passing a comprehensive test. With regards to clinicals, a student might be able to substitute previous and current work experience for some of the clinical hours that are required of all students in this program.

Applying for the LPN to BSN program is a simple and straightforward process for those students in South Dakota. Much of the basic paperwork is the same with any type of college. These items include ACT or SAT scores, a high school diploma or GED, and several letters of recommendation. Some additional items are required by the bachelors of science nursing program. This includes proof that the student was awarded an LPN degree in the state in which the program is affiliated with and employment records that show employment as an LPN for the past six months.

On-Campus & Online LPN to BSN Schools

2 LPN to BSN Schools in South Dakota

National American University

  • 321 Kansas City Street Rapid City, SD 57701
    Programs: LPN to BSN
    (605) 394-4800

Mount Marty College