LPN to BSN Programs in New York

New York LPN to BSN Programs

The average salary of a nurse working in the state of New York can range from $14 to $25 an hour. The amount that a nurse will earn will depend upon a variety of factors including the location of the job, the employer, the level of experience the nurse has and what degree the nurse holds. Nurses that hold an advanced nursing degree, such as a bachelor's of science in nursing degree, can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $40 an hour in the state of New York.

Nurses in the state of New York who wish to pursue an advanced nursing degree without leaving their jobs may want to consider an LPN to BSN program. An LPN to BSN program is an accelerated nursing program offered by many traditional and online colleges in the state of New York. This program allows nurses to pursue their advanced nursing degree without having to leave their nursing jobs. It also always them to build upon their knowledge and experience they learned by working as an LPN nurse. All of these things help nursing students earn their BSN degree in three to four years, compared to the four to six years a traditional BSN program can take to complete.

The LPN to BSN program is structured in the same way that a BSN program is structured. Nursing students will be expected to take a combination of healthcare and nursing courses, in addition to the regular college courses. Nursing students will take a variety of courses ranging from English to math and social science courses. They will also be expected to engage in several hours of clinicals and take advanced nursing courses. The LPN to BSN program offers nursing students the chance to test out of basic nursing courses.

The admission process for the LPN to BSN program is very similar to any other program offered by a traditional or online college. Students must submit proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate, show ACT or SAT scores, and complete the admissions packet. The admissions packet for most schools will include a personal essay, high school transcripts and letters of recommendation. Prospective students who are applying for the LPN to BSN program will also need to submit proof of a current and valid New York state LPN certificate and proof that they have worked for at least six months as an LPN in a healthcare setting.

On-Campus & Online LPN to BSN Schools

5 LPN to BSN Schools in New York

Elmira College

Mount Saint Mary’s College

Dominican College

Nazareth College

Molloy College