LPN to BSN Programs in Alabama

Alabama LPN to BSN Programs

Nursing is a very rewarding and potentially lucrative career. People in the state of Alabama have the option to take part in a college program that allows them to earn a bachelor's degree while still being able to practice as a nurse. The LPN to BSN programs that are available at many online and traditional colleges allow students to apply their experience as an LPN nurse to some of the courses and requirements that many schools require for students to earn a bachelor's of science in nursing.

The Alabama LPN to BSN programs often take three to four years to complete. The requirements for entering the program are very similar to almost any four-year college. Students will be required to show proof of a high school diploma or GED. They will need to submit ACT and SAT scores. Some online and traditional colleges may even require that students take a test called the Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS. This test is designed to provide a school with an evaluation of how well the student tests in basic grammar and math skills. The last and final requirement is a student must hold a current LPN license in the state that the school is located in.

Students who enter an LPN to BSN program in the state of Alabama will be expect to take a variety of courses. These courses will range from the basic courses all college students must take to the advanced nursing programs required for a bachelor's of science in nursing degree. The basic courses students will need to take will include English, math, history and social science courses. These classes are a necessity and students are often required to obtain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to be considered for the BSN program at that school.

One of the biggest advantages of an LPN to BSN program is that students are able to use their previous work experience as part of their degree requirements. Students are able to opt to test out of certain nursing programs. This test out option allows students to use their previous knowledge and experience in the field of nursing to their advantage. Another option available to students in an LPN to BSN program is the option to use previous work experience for the program. Some of the clinical requirements for the degree can be met by previous work experience that the student has when working as an LPN nurse.

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