LPN to BSN Programs in Kentucky

Kentucky LPN to BSN Programs

One of the most in-demand nursing programs available to students of both traditional and online colleges is a bachelor's of science in nursing degree, or a BSN degree. Earning a BSN degree allows individuals in the state of Kentucky to work independently in the healthcare sector, earn more per hour and possibly teach various nursing courses at community colleges and traditional colleges. Nurses who hold a current LPN certificate in the state of Kentucky might be eligible to enroll in an LPN to BSN program at a traditional or online college.

An LPN to BSN program is an accelerated college program that allows nurses to use their existing skills and knowledge to earn an advanced nursing degree, such as the BSN degree. A traditional BSN degree program can take a student four to six years to complete. The LPN to BSN program in the state of Kentucky will take a student anywhere from three to four years to complete. The faster time frame for the LPN to BSN program is because students have the option to test out of courses or use real world work experience towards their clinical hours.

Students who enroll in the LPN to BSN program have the option to take a written test and test out of basic nursing courses. This written test allows students to show how much knowledge and skills they possess from holding a previous nursing job. If the student passes the test they do not have to take the basic nursing courses. Another advantage of the LPN to BSN program is the ability to use work experience as part of their clinicals. All students must complete several hours of hands-on work experience, usually in a clinical setting. Students in the LPN to BSN program have the option to use their current employment as part of their clinicals.

Those who are interested in enrolling in an LPN to BSN program in the state of Kentucky only have to meet a few requirements. Students must show proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate, submit ACT or SAT scores, and complete the college's admissions packet. Prospective students will also be required to submit proof of a current or valid LPN certificate and submit proof of holding a job in the healthcare or nursing industry where the student's nursing skills were required. All of these are necessary items students will need to submit for admissions into an LPN to BSN program.

On-Campus & Online LPN to BSN Schools

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Northern Kentucky University