LPN to BSN Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota LPN to BSN Programs

Many LPN nurses in the state of North Dakota are thinking about earning their advanced nursing degree. Holding an advanced nursing degree, such as bachelors of science in nursing degree, can help nurses increase their hourly wage, work independently and pursue a variety of career choices in the nursing industry. Nurses who are reluctant to head back to college because they are afraid of the time commitment involved may want to consider enrolling in an LPN to BSN program offered by many traditional and online colleges.

An LPN to BSN program is an advanced nursing program offered by most colleges and universities. This program is designed to help nurses pursue their advanced nursing degree by building on the knowledge and experience they already have from working as an LPN nurse in the healthcare industry. The LPN to BSN program is structured in the same way that a traditional BSN program is structured, but there are a few differences. The biggest difference is the ability for nurses to test out of classes. Nurses can opt to take a written test that will show what skills and knowledge they possess.

Another difference between the LPN to BSN program and a BSN program is the ability to use work experience as part of the students' clinicals. Every nursing student must take part in clinicals in order to gain hands-on training and experience working as an advanced nurse. Nurses can choose to use their work experience as part of their clinicals if their employer is willing to work with the college. This eliminates the need to take part in a separate course just for clinicals and can speed up the process of earning an advanced nursing degree.

Every nurse in the state of North Dakota who wishes to take part in an LPN to BSN program will have to apply at the school of their choice. The application process is no different than any four year college application. Prospective students will need to show proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate, SAT and ACT scores and complete an admission packet. The admission packet will vary from school to school, but usually includes letters of recommendation, high school transcripts and personal essays. Nurses will also need to submit proof of a valid and current North Dakota LPN certificate and proof that the nurse has worked for at least six month as an LPN nurse.

On-Campus & Online LPN to BSN Schools

3 LPN to BSN Schools in North Dakota

University of Mary

North Dakota State University

University of North Dakota