LPN to BSN Programs in Vermont

Vermont LPN to BSN Programs

For those individuals that already hold a current LPN certificate and work as an LPN in the Vermont nursing industry, utilizing an LPN to BSN program can lead to additional opportunities. Jobs in the nursing field are projected to continue to increase in the future above the national average according to experts. With more training and education, nurses can expect to find a wider range of high quality and exciting jobs to choose from. In addition, they will be compensated more handsomely and be entrusted with more responsibility. While having an LPN provides a good base from which to start, by moving on to a BSN, nurses can open up more possibilities for advancement.

In Vermont, nurses who are currently hold an LPN certificate can find their needs met for more schooling by an accelerated LPN to BSN program. By utilizing unique options, it is possible for this program to be completed in only three or four years rather than the four to six years that traditional schooling for the bachelor's in science takes. Individuals can opt to use both their practical work experience and the knowledge they gained by obtaining their LPN degree to transition to the benefit filled BSN program.

Two options for completing the LPN to BSN program in Vermont at an accelerated rate are available for students. By using work experience in place of the clinical hours that are required for this bachelor's of science nursing degree, the length of time it takes to complete the BSN program can be significantly reduced. Students can also minimize the amount of time it takes them to obtain a BSN by testing out of some of the required classes. This process involves successfully passing a test that shows the nurse is equipped with the knowledge and skills that would be obtained by taking a particular class.

Attending the LPN to BSN program in Vermont involves submitting the required forms and paperwork in a timely manner. Much of the paperwork, such as proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate, SAT or ACT scores, and letters of recommendation, are basic items that are often associated with attendance at other college programs as well. Other requirements that are exclusive to this type of program include documentation of possessing an LPN certificate from the state where the college is located and verification of at least six months of employment in the field of nursing.

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LPN to BSN Schools in Vermont