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LPN to BSN Programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts LPN to BSN Programs

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Nurses are required by the state of Massachusetts to hold an LPN certificate in order to practice in a healthcare setting. The estimated hourly wage for a nurse who holds an LPN certificate in the state of Massachusetts is approximately $12 to $20 an hour. Nurses can increase their hourly wage and pursue new career opportunities by earning an advanced nursing degree. Individuals who already hold an LPN certificate might be eligible to take part in an LPN to BSN program from a traditional or online college.

An LPN to BSN program is a college program that allows nurses to use their existing knowledge and skills towards their advanced nursing degree. Most advanced nursing degree programs take approximately four to six years to complete. The LPN to BSN program allows nursing students to earn their advanced nursing degree in three to four years. The shorter time span is due to the ability the students have to test out of classes. Students have the ability to take a written test that shows their skills and knowledge in the nursing industry. If the student passes they are able to be exempt from basic nursing classes and can automatically advance to the advance nursing classes.

Nursing students who enroll in the LPN to BSN program also have the option to use work experience as part of their clinicals. All nursing students need to take part in clinicals to gain hands-on experience in the nursing industry. Nursing students who currently hold a job in the nursing industry can use their work experience as part of their clinicals. This eliminates their need to take part in separate clinicals to gain hands-on experience. This elimination of separate clinicals allows students to speed up the process of earning their advanced nursing degree.

Anyone who is interested in applying for an LPN to BSN program will need to submit several pieces of information to their school of choice. Almost all schools in the Massachusetts area will require prospective students to submit proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate, SAT or ACT scores, and a completed admissions packet. The admissions packet will vary from school to school but usually contains high school transcripts, letters of recommendation and personal statements. Prospective students will also need to submit proof of a valid LPN certificate and proof that they have held a job in the healthcare or nursing industry for at least six months.

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