LPN to BSN Programs in Colorado

Colorado LPN to BSN Programs

Over the next decade there is expected to be an increase in demand for experienced and trained nurses. Individuals in the state of Colorado who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare industry may be interested in taking part in an LPN to BSN program. An LPN to BSN program is a college program offered by traditional and online colleges. This program offers current nurses who hold an LPN in the state of Colorado a chance to pursue a higher, more advanced degree. This program is designed to allow nurses to hold their current jobs while pursuing an advanced nursing degree.

An LPN to BSN program is designed to allow students to earn their BSN degree in three to four years. This is a faster pace compared to the four to six years it can take to earn a BSN degree through the traditional programs offered by online and traditional colleges. This degree program is a faster pace because it is designed to allow students to use previous experience and knowledge towards their degree. Students are able to choose to test out of basic and intermediate classes. This test out option allows students to complete their required courses faster and therefore earn their degree faster.

Another advantage the LPN to BSN program has for students in the state of Colorado is the ability to use work experience towards their clinicals. Every student who earns a BSN degree is expected to devote several hours to clinicals. Clinicals are where the nursing students achieve hands-on experience using the skills and knowledge they learn. Students in the LPN to BSN program can choose to use their real world work experience as part of their required clinical hours. This allows students to earn their degree faster as they are able to work while putting in their necessary clinical hours.

Admission requirements to an LPN to BSN program are very similar to admissions to any degree program in the state of Colorado. Students will be required to submit proof of a high school diploma or GED to their college, submit ACT or SAT scores, and provide letters of recommendation and a completed admissions packet to the school. Students who wish to pursue an LPN to BSN degree program will also need to submit proof of an existing and current LPN certificate and supply proof that the prospective student has worked at least six months in a healthcare setting where their nursing skills were needed.

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LPN to BSN Schools in Colorado