LPN to BSN Programs in South Carolina

South Carolina LPN to BSN Programs

LPN nurses in the state of South Carolina have the option to pursue an advanced nursing degree through an accelerated and bridged program known as an LPN to BSN program. Nurses who earn their advanced nursing degree are able to earn a higher hourly wage, work independently and teach nursing courses at colleges and universities. The LPN to BSN program is very similar to a traditional BSN program; the only difference is that students can complete the course faster than the traditional course. Nursing students can complete the LPN to BSN program in three to four years.

The faster pace of this nursing course can be attributed to the ability nursing students have to test out of basic courses. LPN nurses often have the knowledge and skills that are taught in the basic nursing courses. Instead of requiring them to attend courses that teach them what they already know, students can test out of the class by taking a written nursing exam. Any student that passes the written nursing test is able to be exempt from the basic nursing courses and can move on to the advanced nursing courses.

Another attractive feature of the LPN to BSN program for nurses is the ability for nursing students to use work experience towards their clinicals. All nursing students need to take part in several hours of clinical duty. This time allows students to apply the knowledge and skills they learn in the classroom to real life experiences and situations. LPN nurses can work with their employer and school to use their work experience as part of their clinicals. This eliminates the need to have to take part in clinicals and allows students to earn their degree faster.

Nursing students in the state of South Carolina will notice that the application process for this program is very similar to any four year college program. Prospective students will need to complete a variety of paperwork and applications packet for their schools. The paperwork that is often required by most colleges is proof of a high school diploma or GED, SAT and ACT scores, and letters of recommendation. Nursing students are also required to submit proof of a current and valid LPN certificate and proof that they held a job as an LPN nurse for at least six months. All of this information is required for students to be considered for the LPN to BSN program.

On-Campus & Online LPN to BSN Schools

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Francis Marion University