LPN to BSN Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi LPN to BSN Programs

The combination of an improved healthcare system and an increase in population leads many experts to believe that there will be a huge demand for skilled and trained nurses in the state of Mississippi. Currently, nurses in Mississippi who hold an LPN certificate can expect to make an average hourly salary of approximately $14 an hour. Nurses who hold an advanced nursing degree, such as a BSN degree, can expect to make almost twice that amount. Nurses who currently hold an LPN certificate might be eligible to pursue a college program that allows them to use their knowledge and skills to earn an advanced nursing degree.

The LPN to BSN program offered by several online and traditional colleges in the state of Mississippi is designed to allow nurses to earn their advanced nursing degree faster. A traditional BSN degree program can take approximately four to six years to complete. The LPN to BSN program is designed to allow students to earn their advanced BSN degree in three to four years. The shorter time span is due to the option students have to test out of basic nursing courses. Students can take a written test and if they pass they are exempt from taking basic nursing courses.

The LPN to BSN program is structured very similar to the traditional BSN program. The only real difference is the time involved. Students will still be expected to take part in traditional college courses, such as English, math, social science and communications. Most LPN to BSN programs have a list of required courses that must be taken. These programs may also require that students maintain a 2.5 GPA to be considered for the advanced nursing courses. Students who have a higher GPA are often considered over those with lower GPAs.

Every college has a different admissions process, but some of the information that is required will be the same regardless of what school is chosen. All students will be required to submit proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate, ACT or SAT scores, and complete the admissions packet. Prospective students to the LPN to BSN program will also need to submit additional information. Additional information that will be required includes proof of employment in the healthcare or nursing industry and proof of a valid, current LPN certificate in the state of Mississippi. All this information is required before a student can be considered for admissions to the LPN to BSN program.

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LPN to BSN Schools in Mississippi