Wyoming CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in WY?

CNA salary in Wyoming

The first job that many people get when they start to work in the healthcare field is as a CNA. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant and the job is attractive to many because it does not require a great deal of training. Usually training last only a few months and some programs last only a few weeks. While some see this job as the first step towards a medical career, others are content to remain CNAs both because they love the job and because they love the CNA salary in Wyoming.

A CNA in the United States can make anywhere from $18,000 to $32,000 annually. The range may be broad but there are several things that play into deciding how much a CNA makes. Experience, location, and the type of employment all play a part. The CNA salary in Wyoming ranges from about $20,000 to about $29,000. Most CNAs in Wyoming are able to live quite comfortably thanks to this salary, which falls in with the national average of $27,000 easily.

A CNA salary in Wyoming is largely dependent on the experience that the CNA has. The longer a CNA has been working the less a company will need to train them. This means that the CNA is able to obtain a higher salary while the employer is able to get an employee that they do not have to work extra hard to train. Experience allows a CNA to choose from better jobs that have better benefits because employers are much more likely to choose a CNA with a few years experience over a CNA who has just been certified.

Where a CNA lives and the place that they work at also determine CNA salary in Wyoming. A CNA who works in the rural areas will not have as high a salary as a CNA who works in a city. This is due to the fact that costs of living are not as high in rural areas, so the salaries are not as high. Similarly, a CNA working in hospitals is going to make more than a CNA who works in a school or a nursing home. Skilled CNAs who work with private clients can sometimes make even more than if they were to work in a hospital. Government jobs are often sought after because of the fact that these usually have not only the best pay but also the best benefits for a CNA.

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