Alaska CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in AK?

CNA salary in Alaska

If you are looking for way to start a career in the medical field, the new career as a certified nursing assistant may be right for you. A certified nursing assistant (CNA) have helps patients in a variety of ways. As a CNA, you may work with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and family members to help a patient live the best life they can. The job is not easy and requires good physical, mental and emotional skills. The CNA salary in Alaska is one of the highest in the country, both for entry-level CNAs and for experienced CNAs.

In the United States, the average wage of an entry-level CNA is around $20,000 a year. The CNA salary in Alaska begins at around $24,000 and can go up to around $31,000. It is not difficult to become a CNA. Some nursing homes and hospitals have training programs but you can also get training from a local school, correspondence course, or online school. Keep in mind that you will need to have hands on experience before you to become certified. You can get this experience in health care facilities such as a nursing home.

A CNA salary in Alaska depends on experience. The more experience you have the higher the rate of pay. The only way to get experience is to actually work as a CNA. There are many places that you can work. The most common place for CNA to start is in a nursing home but you can also work in a hospital, private practice, or for a school district. Some CNAs begin their career working in a nursing home to get the experience they need to start getting private clients and be self employed. The experience that you gain as a CNA travels with you from job to job so if you work for two years in a nursing home you can start work in a hospital with two years’ experience at a higher rate of pay.

Like any a job, the place that you work can also affect your rate of pay. The CNA salary in Alaska for a CNA who works for the state and local government is higher than for CNA who works for a school district for example. The best salary can be found working from hospitals, the federal government, and by being self employed. A CNA has an excellent opportunity for a high paying job in Alaska.