Pennsylvania CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in PA?

CNA salary in Pennsylvania

Located in the beautiful Northeast, Pennsylvania is known for being a beautiful state with friendly people. What it should also be known for is the generous CNA salary in Pennsylvania. CNA stands for certified nursing assistant and this is an excellent career for those who are looking to get into health care. Many people become CNAs with the intention of going on to become nurses but some actually stay as CNAs because they enjoy the work so much. A CNA is the one who has the majority of patient contact and many see patients as friends.

The CNA salary in Pennsylvania is measured by taking collecting information about all of the CNA salaries in the state and comparing them. The average salaries for CNAs range from about $22,000 to about $29,000. Depending on the experience of the CNA and the place where the CNA works, the actual salary a CNA can make might fall above, below, or right in the middle of that range. The majority of CNAs who are entry-level make around $22,000 which is a comfortable wage that allows them to live without having to worry too much about things like their bills.

The employer of a CNA can have a big impact on the CNA salary in Pennsylvania. Employers do not have to pay a CNA more than minimum wage but many appreciate the hard work that a CNA does and so they often pay anywhere from around $10 to $15 per hour. This makes it easier for the CNA to afford health insurance (which employers will provide) and allows them to be able to afford the things they need. Employers understand that CNAs are a vital necessity and they will do what they can to make sure they are able to attract, and keep, experienced CNAs.

There are many training programs available for potential CNAs. CNA salary in Pennsylvania is not dependent on which program a person chooses and there are no advanced degrees required. Many of those who become CNAs have only a GED or high school diploma. It is a career where people are easily equal and are able to advance based on their skills and ambition rather than a degree and many see it as an excellent way to earn a good salary without the debt of student loans. Some employers will train CNAs, help them get certification, and provide them with employment immediately after certification and may even pay them while they are in training.