New Mexico CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in NM?

CNA salary in New Mexico

Becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a career move that could benefit anyone. The job is not easy however. While you only need a few months of training to start and you only have to have a GED or high school diploma, you have to develop certain skills. You learn to take blood pressures, handle difficult patients, and even how to deal with other healthcare workers. The CNA salary in New Mexico is reflective of how important the job is and many find that the salary is exactly what they were looking for.

The CNA salary in New Mexico ranges from around $20,000 a year for a newly certified CNA to about $27,000 a year for an experienced CNA. The pay in New Mexico is considered to be some of the highest pay in the country. It is important that you think about whether or not you want to go through training because your pay will be based on the experience that you have. Like any job, a job in the healthcare field will require that you work your way up. Being a CNA is no different and you will have to work your way up to the better paying positions with better benefits.

The CNA salary in New Mexico that you can get depends largely on your experience. When you first start out as a CNA you will probably be wasting your time if you attempt to get a job with a government agency or with a hospital. Usually those kinds of jobs want an experienced CNA who does not require any more training. You will need to work for a lower salary at jobs such as nursing home facilities or with a home health agency. While you might be making less with these jobs, you will be able to use what you learn to apply for the better paying positions and improve your salary.

If you really want to make a good CNA salary in New Mexico then you need to keep working for at least five years. Once you have five years of experience you can pretty much work where you want to. Hospitals, private companies, and government agencies will all be happy to hire you and you will even receive benefits such as paid vacations. You can also become self employed and have private clients, which will allow you to set your own hourly wage.