South Dakota CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in SD?

CNA salary in South Dakota

The CNA salary in South Dakota is a good indicator of just how important a CNA is to the healthcare industry. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) perform a very important job in healthcare. They are the ones who first notice when something changes with a patient because they spend a great deal of time with patients, usually at least 80 percent of the time they work. They can easily let a nurse or doctor know when things change so that a patient is able to get care immediately. Many people enter the healthcare field as a CNA and most stay in that position because they love the job.

While it does not take a great deal of training to become a CNA, most employers prefer to hire CNAs who are experienced. The CNA salary in South Dakota ranges from around $20,000 to $27,000 a year. Some CNAs are paid less than that range and some more than the range because it is a figure taken from combining all the CNA salaries in South Dakota. More experienced CNAs will be at the higher end of the range while less experienced or entry-level CNAs will be at the lower end of the range. Many CNAs will stay with the same employer in order to build up their experience and their yearly salary.

Location has a great deal to do with the CNA salary in South Dakota. CNAs who work in the cities usually are paid a good deal more than CNAs who work in small towns. This is due to the cost of living difference between a city and a smaller town. It costs more to live in the city so the CNAs who work there will be paid more. In areas where it is difficult to get CNAs, such as poorer urban or rural areas, the salary may be higher in an effort to encourage people to work there.

The company that a CNA works for has a lot to do with the CNA salary in South Dakota that a CNA can expect to receive. Entry-level CNAs are usually unable to get higher paying positions with certain employers because of a lack of experience but even the lower paying facilities such as a nursing home offer good pay and valuable experience. Hospitals and government jobs are some of the best positions that a CNA can get in terms of salary and benefits.