Washington DC CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in DC?

CNA salary in Washington DC

The CNA salary in Washington DC is one of the highest in the country. The nation's capital has a high cost of living compared to many other areas of the United States and this is reflected in the higher CNA salary that is offered by employers. CNAs provide a vital function to the healthcare industry and this is understand and appreciated by those who hire them. The salary range for CNAs who work in Washington DC is from about $22,000 per year to about $31,000 per year. There are several reasons for the range in salary.

One of the things that affect CNA salary in Washington DC is experience. There are many different training programs that someone can use to become a CNA. All of these programs offer hands on experience during training in order to become certified but not all of the programs offer the same amount of training. Some companies actually provide on the job training to ensure that CNAs that are hired are trained properly for the company. A lot of the time this requires the CNA to work for the company for a certain amount of time. CNAs who have several years of experience can expect to receive the higher salaries and the better positions.

Those better positions are available with employers such as hospitals and the federal government. CNAs can choose to work for many different employers. Some of the places that hire CNAs are nursing homes, group homes for the mentally challenged, hospitals, and even school districts. On average, an entry-level CNA who is hired by a private practice may make around $18,000 a year but may make over $22,000 a year working for a hospital. Generally, those who work for hospitals, nursing homes that are connected to a hospital, or government make the most but there are other things that affect CNA salary in Washington DC.

The location of the work place and the shift that the CNA works can also affect the CNA salary in Washington DC. It is commonly believe that those who work in the most affluent parts of Washington DC actually make the most. Sometimes, employers who are hiring in areas considered to be less desirable will actually pay a higher salary. CNAs who work night shifts usually are paid more than those who work the day shift because very few people actually want to work at night in any job.