Washington CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in WA?

CNA salary in Washington

In the United States, there is a shortage of skilled medical workers. This does not only include doctors and nurses but also certified nursing assistants (CNAs). The CNA is the one who has the most to do with a patient who is in a nursing home or a hospice for example. CNAs develop skills that include not just how to monitor a patient's health but also their mental well being. If there are changes that are significant or alarming, the CNA then can inform the nurse or doctor so that the patient is taken care of. The CNA salary in Washington is such that even CNAs from out of the state are attracted to the idea of working there.

CNA wages in the United States can range anywhere from around $18,000 a year to $32,000 a year. The CNA salary in Washington is one of the highest salaries anywhere in the country. It ranges from about $22,000 a year to $31,000 a year. Keep in mind that this is just a range. Depending on a few factors such as employers and experience, a CNA may make less than that range or they may make more than that range. Working in larger areas such as major cities will almost always pay a CNA more than working in a small town or rural area.

Experience is an important consideration in the CNA salary in Washington. It is very rare for an entry-level CNA to be able to get a position that pays a high salary. This is because most employers see an entry-level CNA as still in training because the training programs typically only last a few months. Experience is gained by actually working so the more a CNA works the more experience is gained. Employers usually prefer CNAs who have experience and will hire them over those who do not. An experience CNA is able to request better salaries, benefits, and even where they work.

The CNA salary in Washington is not bad for an entry-level CNA so some CNAs who have little experience may decide to move to the state. With the high demand for CNAs, entry-level CNAs have little trouble finding a position. Nursing homes are usually the most common place for entry-level CNAs to find work but they also work in home health agencies. Hospitals are seen as having the best pay and benefits for any level CNA.