Louisiana CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in LA?

CNA salary in Louisiana

With the downturn of the economy many people found themselves looking for a new career. One of the most obvious options is a career in healthcare but some people found it daunting. After all, doesn't working in the healthcare field require a lot of training? Doesn't it require a lot of money for that training? The answer is that it doesn't. Training to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA) costs very little and if you can find an employer run training program, then you can enjoy a CNA salary in Louisiana without ever having to pay a dime for training.

The CNA salary in Louisiana ranges from around $18,000 to $22,000 a year. Individual CNAs can sometimes earn more than that depending on individual experience, employers, and the location they live in. As with any other area of the country, location plays a big role in what a CNA can make every year. Those who live in rural areas are usually paid much less than those who live in a city. Sometimes, rural hospitals or clinics will actually pay a CNA more if they are experienced in order to have experienced workers there.

The more experience you have as a CNA the better the CNA salary in Louisiana you can expect. Experience is very important to a CNA and to employers. A CNA who has just been certified will need to still be supervised and may not know all the tricks of the trade yet whereas an experienced CNA will not only know any tricks of the trade and not need supervision but will also be able to deal with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals without a problem. Employers who offer higher salaries and benefits prefer CNAs who already have experience. That is not to say that an entry-level CNA is doomed to a poor job. Instead, entry-level CNAs can enjoy many jobs that offer experience that is needed but at a lesser pay rate.

Employers are many for a CNA and they have a profound effect on CNA salary in Louisiana. A hospital is one of the places where CNAs usually want to work because of the high pay and great benefits but there are other places. Government agencies, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and home health agencies are just a few places a CNA can work. Some CNAs actually work on contract and others are self employed with private clients that they take care of by working directly with the families.