Connecticut CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in CT?

CNA salary in Connecticut

Connecticut is a small state in the northeastern part of the United States. Although it is small, it certainly is not when it comes to CNA salary in Connecticut. CNAs who live and work in Connecticut are some of the highest paid in the country. The average salary range for a CNA who works in Connecticut is from around $24,000 to around $31,000 a year. There are several factors that are considered with a CNA's salary and some CNAs may make more or less than this average range. CNAs are valuable to any healthcare facility so it is not surprising that they are paid what they are worth.

One thing that matters when a CNA is considering the CNA salary in Connecticut is location. Typically a CNA working in a rural area is considered to have a low cost of living. While this may or may not be completely true, it is a fact that CNAs who work in small towns will make less than CNAs who work in big cities. Some CNAs prefer to have a higher salary and they will commute to a job in a city for the higher pay. Whether a CNA stays in a small town or works in the city, the pay equals out to a comfortable living in Connecticut.

Another thing to consider about CNA salary in Connecticut is the employer. Employers have a lot to do with the salary that a CNA makes. Nursing homes usually pay the least but some CNAs enjoy their work so much that they stay. As they gain experience, the employer usually will increase their pay. Other CNAs prefer to work for hospitals or government agencies because they are able to command a higher salary than they would if they worked in a nursing home or a school district. Employers can also offer benefits that make smaller salaries more attractive such as paid sick days and paid vacations.

Experience plays a large part in the CNA salary in Connecticut. Since an employer will reward an employee who has stayed longer and gained experience, it makes sense for a CNA to stay with the same employer. However, experienced CNAs can often get jobs for higher paying employers. An experienced CNA can even be self employed where they do not have to answer to a boss. Instead, they find private clients who need someone to help them or a family member and work out a contract with that client. In this way, the CNA can control his or her own salary.