Colorado CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in CO?

CNA salary in Colorado

The CNA salary in Colorado ranges from around $21,000 to around $29,000 a year. This is well within the averages for CNA salaries around the United States. Since many consider the cost of living in the Midwest and states such as Colorado to be very low compared to other parts of the country, this means that CNAs in Colorado are not only appreciated but are rewarded for their work in the healthcare field. CNAs do a very important job and are often the first to notice when a patient is having a problem because they tend to spend more time with patients than doctors or nurses do.

Experience has a lot to do with the CNA salary in Colorado. An experienced CNA is able to demand a higher salary and better benefits. On top of higher pay, experienced CNAs are often able to choose the areas that they work in. For example, if they work in a nursing home they may be able to say which residents they would prefer to work with. They also are able to have benefits such as paid vacations, usually one week a year, and paid sick days. The number of paid sick days will depend on the employer. An entry-level CNA will not have these same benefits and will have to earn them through gaining experience in the field.

CNA salary in Colorado also depends on the actual employer that a CNA works for. The reason there is a range for the salary is not just because of experience but because some employers pay less than others do for the same type of work. Some CNAs actually make less than the minimum amount listed in the range while other CNAs may actually make more than the highest end. The range is just taken from the average of all the salaries that CNAs make in Colorado. Since a CNA can choose where they want to work, it pays for them to shop around and pays for employers to offer attractive salaries.

The CNA salary in Colorado that a CNA working in a nursing home makes is usually a bit lower than the salary that a CNA working in a hospital would make. Hospitals require CNAs to have experience and in exchange offer higher salaries and usually better benefits. Governments, both state and federal, often hire CNAs to work in agencies such as public health departments while other jobs are held with school districts. Some CNAs provide their own benefits while being self employed so that they are able to set their own salaries every year.