Iowa CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in IA?

CNA salary in Iowa

The range of CNA salary in Iowa is around $20,000 to around $26,000. No one can deny that it is good money. And there is good reason for a CNA to be paid that much. CNAs (certified nursing assistants) play a very important role in healthcare. A CNA is the one who deals the most with patients and who knows when something changes about a patient’s condition. Having a CNA deal with the majority of patients allows nurses and doctors to focus more on those who need more intensive care while still providing patients with professional care.

The reason that the CNA salary in Iowa has such a large range is very simple. Iowa is a large state and the cost of living is different in different parts of the state. In rural areas, the cost of living is much less than it is in suburban areas which cost less than urban areas. Because of this, employers pay more to those who live in a higher cost of living area in order to keep CNAs. Most people find that it evens out in the long run because those who earn more in a higher cost area are paying more as well. To get around this, some CNAs choose to commute to jobs that pay more while living in a lower cost area.

Experience can help the CNA salary in Iowa. The more experience a CNA has the better the jobs. The same is true in any job and it holds especially true for CNAs. Because a CNA has to be trained and certified, employers such as hospitals often hire only those who already have experience. The reason is because it costs money to train new CNAs and many companies do not want to pay the expense. Some companies, such as nursing homes, that have a high turnover rate will train CNAs for free provided the CNA will work for the company for a certain amount of time. Once the CNA has experience and the time is up, they are free to choose to leave and work for someone who has more pay and benefits.

The people that a CNA works for can affect the CNA salary in Iowa. For example, nursing homes employ many CNAs but they are also some of the lowest paying employers. A CNA who works at the nursing home for several years will usually see a raise in pay and more benefits. However, a CNA can choose to work for a hospital or government agency or even a private company and often see greater benefits and pay.