Utah CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in UT?

CNA salary in Utah

More and more people are interested in starting a career in health care. Considering that there is always a need for skilled healthcare workers this is a very good thing. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are in demand in all areas of the country, including Utah. This is because the CNAs are the people who have the most contact with a patient, whether it is in a hospital, nursing home, or even a school. CNAs are trained to provide a certain level of care and when to recognize when the patient needs to be seen by someone else. The CNA salary in Utah is based on several factors.

One of the factors that affect the CNA salary in Utah is the cost of living. The western part of the United States is known for having a lower cost of living than many other areas of the country. The range of a CNA's salary in the US is from about $18,000 to $32,000 depending on the part of the country the CNA is in. In Utah, the salary range for a CNA is from about $18,000 to $22,000. This range can be affected further by the CNA's employer, location in the state, and by the experience the CNA has.

Location is important when considering the CNA salary in Utah because of the cost of living. Since it generally is more expensive to live in a city such as Salt Lake than to live in a small, rural town, the salaries of CNAs reflect this difference. Those who work in hospitals and nursing homes that are located in the cities will make more than those who work in smaller, more rural areas. The employer's location is also important, as hospitals that are in small towns will pay their CNAs less than a larger hospital that is in a city for example.

CNA salary in Utah is based largely on experience. Entry-level CNAs can expect a lower salary than more experienced CNAs and some employers do not provide as many benefits for less experienced CNAs. These benefits include things such as paid vacations or paid sick days. To help make up the differences, many employers offer CNAs overtime if they desire it. Most of the time a CNA begins at a facility that pays less and earns the experience necessary to move to a higher paying job. Experienced CNAs are able to find work anywhere in the state.