West Virginia CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in WV?

CNA salary in West Virginia

One of the most difficult discussions anyone can have with a potential employer, no matter what field the job is in, is the discussion about salary. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are in high demand everywhere in the United States. It is the CNA who provides the bulk of patient care in many healthcare settings and they are the ones who first notice when something about a patient's condition changes. The CNA salary in West Virginia is a comfortable salary that many find to be more than enough to live.

The average CNA salary in West Virginia tends to range from around $18,000 to $21,000 a year. This is a rough estimate and is an average that is found by calculating all the CNA salaries from around the state. Depending on factors such as location and experience, CNAs may make more than $21,000 or may make less than $18,000. CNAs are paid by the hour and most are paid on a weekly basis though some employers pay bi-weekly. On top of a salary, CNAs also usually enjoy some benefits such as insurance, paid sick days, and paid vacations.

Benefits such as paid vacations are not always part of the CNA salary in West Virginia. In fact, these types of benefits are usually reserved for the more experienced CNAs. Some companies will hire CNAs who have no experience and provide on the job training in exchange for the CNA working for the company for a certain amount of time. These programs are usually found in nursing homes. Entry-level CNAs rarely are able to ask for a particular assignment, have benefits like paid sick days, and always have a lower rate of pay. The longer the CNA works for the company the more pay and benefits are earned, which is one reason that many stay with the company who trained them for years.

The more experienced the CNA is the better the CNA salary in West Virginia. This tends to be true anywhere in the country. Employers see more experienced CNAs as needing less training and supervision and they are better investments as more work is done. Some, like hospitals, pay more but only hire CNAs who have experience. No matter how much experience a CNA has, those who work in cities will make more than those who work in the rural areas or in small towns because of cost of living expenses.